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10 Signs It’s Finally Fall

Seasons come, and seasons go, but it sure felt like it took forever to finally see Summer make its way out of the picture this year. So, in honor and celebration of the changing of the seasons – here are the ten SIGNS that fall is finally here:

Pumpkin season is here1. The Word “Pumpkin”

From the announcement that the Pumpkins Spice Latte, it seems that everything these days contains the word pumpkin.  This year we have seen pumpkin spice wings, pumpkin spice ice cream, and even pumpkin spice margaritas. The jury is out on whether this is good or bad, but it is definitely a sign of the season.

2. College Colors on Everything

It’s that time of the year when kick-offs become sacred, traditions become a necessity, and occasionally controversy boil over into everyday life.  It is rampant across the country.  From feuding neighbors to weekend tailgates, one of the biggest signs of fall is the full on display of College Football.

Here in the south, people are passionate about supporting their teams and yelling at referees. However, they are just as passionate about wearing their team colors the other 6 days of the week.

Pinnacle sees this season ramp up each year with requests for banners, custom cornhole boards, and branded graphics to display the client’s pride.

3. Olive, Burgundy, Gold, and Orange

What's your fall color?The colors of fall are rich, warm, and abundant. They are found in natural beauty and in season settings and highlight everything right about this time of the year. Tree leaves transition to some of the most beautiful landscapes across the country during the fall. They appear in holiday decorations and seasonal promotions.  The richness of the colors definitely transcends the richness of the season.

4. Good Morning Dark-Thirty

Fall is in full swing when you find yourself turning on more lights to start your day.  As the days get shorter, the amount of time available to work, live, and play during daylight hours becomes more compact.  The tighter schedule seems to force you to do less and enjoy the warmth and community of family.  Of course, the days continue to get shorter until the first official day of winter in December.  But as mother nature begins to wither away, so does our daylight hours.

5. Food

Caramel ApplesThe plethora of pumpkin, apples, and squash around during this season, there are plenty of seasonal spices flowing through the kitchens of America. Taste buds tend to shift during fall to warm and filling flavors of from the harvest of summer gardens and seasonal game. Each family has their favorite but it is hard to think about fall without the excitement of candy in October and the thoughts of more food than anyone can ever eat at Thanksgiving.  Crockpots tend to come alive with chilis, roasts, and a cornucopia of soups.

6. Layers

After spending months basking in the summer sun and wondering if you are going to make it through the day without changing your outfit multiple times, it seems like such a relief to finally feel the crisp air of fall. It is that time of the year that layers of clothing become necessary to make it from cool and dewy mornings to warm and inviting afternoons.  There is no other season that gives you the full spectrum of weather as fall.

7. Fires

spending time around the campfireFall is the time of the year when the family firepit becomes convenient and cozy. Whether you have spent all day raking up the leavings or the temperature is finally bearable to roast marshmallows, backyard fires become fun.   There is something about the feeling of being productive while burning leaves or celebrating with smores that fall brings out in families.

8. Hauntings and Horrors

Some of the best and most creative seasonal signs include imagery of some of the most frightening things. From ghost and goblins to blood and fangs, fall is full of frights!  The nightlife kicks it up a notch by providing fear filled haunted houses and horror trails.  TV is full of movies that make you want to sleep with the lights on and the month of October is set to send chills down your spine leading up to the final all-out fright night of Halloween.

9. Low Tire Pressure

Those first few weeks of cooler weather can be signaled by the light on your dash telling you that your air pressure is low.  As the temperatures change, so does the air in your tires.  There is plenty of science behind the process, but the reality is that it’s one of the more annoying signs of fall. Usually, it just takes a quick stop by the gas station to fix this problem quickly

10. Festivals

fall festivals and other events could use banners and yard signsFall kicks off the biggest festival season of the year. From community carnivals to apple festivals, fall brings out the best in custom crafts, confectionary delights, and good old carnival fun.  Festivals during the fall can help you find unique crafts and gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  They can also be a great place to reunite with family friends throughout the community.  Food tends to be a constant theme – whether you gather together to pick apples for the family or you head out to sample the best BBQ in the land – get ready to fill up on your local food finds and head home with new must-have knick-knacks.

For the team at Pinnacle, festivals bring special opportunities for us to shine seasonally with banners, tents, and yard signs that help to promote events and companies to local communities.

Large print signs such as vinyl banners help to promote festivals and events within the community. Banners can also help to recognize sponsors who have helped to make your event possible or as backdrops for stage presentations.  Yard Signs can add directional components needed to point patrons toward parking and specific event locations.  Foam boards work great for providing event agendas.

So please savor the season, enjoy the cooler nights, and let us know if we can help!