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Lasers: Using them for Signage and Branding Part 1

Lasers - using them for signage and branding

Laser Engraving is a method that alters the surface of an object to create a certain look or desired design. Engraving can be done on various materials such as acrylic, wood, and glass. It works by the laser burning through the material to create the design. However, try not to confuse engraving with laser etching … Read more

Rocking out with InnerWorkings for SiriusXM

Rocking out with InnerWorkings

Directional signage for events is very important. Attendees need to know where to go and if they are in the right location. When dealing with event venues like the Buckhead Theatre which frequently has events, signage is even more important. Event Signage for InnerWorkings and SiriusXM On Thursday, March 15, 2018, Lynyrd Skynyrd performed a special, invitation-only … Read more

Rebranding Is More Than Your Signs

Rebranding is about more than changing your signage

Pinnacle Custom Signs meets with companies on a regular basis because they have decided to re-brand their business. Part of the re-branding process for these clients is to update their business signage to reflect that change. Why would a business undergo an additional expense to change their look? Sometimes the “signs” are obvious. Often, the … Read more

The Significance of Signworld in Becoming the Pinnacle of Signage

The Significance of Signworld | Pinnacle Custom Signs | Signworld Family

Pinnacle Custom Signs is a proud member of the Signworld family.  Signworld provides entrepreneurs a business opportunity but it is not a franchise.  Being a member of the Signworld family gives you the freedom to build your business outside of rules and without franchise fees.  When our company signed a contract with Signworld, we got … Read more

From Full Creation to Simple Installation – What’s the difference?

From Full Creation to Simple Installation – What’s the difference? | Pinnacle Custom Sign | Buford GA

The Pinnacle Custom Signs team is frequently contacted about different projects regarding business signage needs.  We often write about “full creation projects” such as our recent job for Pinnacle Bank, “complete creation projects” such as our work for Cook Construction, or just simply “installation projects” with partnerships across the country such as our installation for … Read more

10 Colors that Can Impact Signage and Sales

Featured image for 10 Colors that Impact Sales and Signage, a blog post about Color Theory

Marketing professionals and graphic designers around the globe understand the psychology of using specific colors in their designs.  The same psychology used in designing graphics for ads and displays can be applied in designing signage for your business. What Do Different Colors Communicate? Look at the emotional impact of these color and consider how they can … Read more

Sign Making Process – From Consultation to Installation

Learn about the process to get a business sign

Today we are going to talk about the sign making process, from consultation to installation.  While most of the steps in the process are the same for every type of sign, we’ll discuss the steps for getting a building sign. But first, let’s talk about WHY building signs are important.  A building sign will introduce … Read more

5 Tips for Dealing with Sign Ordinances

So you want to install new signs for your business?  Many businesses have great ideas for signs to attract new customers only to find out that their sign designs doesn’t meet local sign ordinances and are not able to get a sign permit.

When purchasing outside signage for your facility it is important to keep in mind that each governmental jurisdiction you are dealing with will require different information for you to get a sign permit.  In the Atlanta market, we deal with close to 50 different government entities and each one is a little different, this includes cities and counties.

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