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3 Great Benefits of Car Wraps

Vinyl Wrapping a Car vs Painting

They say your first impression is your last impression, and in the world of effective marketing that may be true. The secret to effective advertising is to make a good first impression. Vehicle wraps are a memorable way of advertising and giving a wide variety of potential customers a great first impression of your business. Vehicle wraps in Atlanta, a big metropolitan city, make a lot of sense with the high number of potential customers that can possibly see the ad on the side of your car. So if you’re looking for vehicle wraps in Atlanta, here are three big reasons why wrapping your vehicle may be the perfect investment for you.

Full Van Vehicle Wrap For An Attorney's Office

Vehicle Wraps are Attention Grabbing

How many times have you been on the road and noticed a brightly colored company vehicle? Cars with vehicle wraps stand out from the crowd. Passing drivers won’t pay much attention to a plain white car on the road but will definitely look twice at a car with a well-designed vehicle wrap. In contrast to other roadside advertising, such as billboards, a vehicle wrap allows you to bypass many of the restrictions that come with billboard placement. Having a mobile billboard, especially in a city such as Atlanta, allows heavy commuters to be most likely to see your advertisement. In a study by the American Truck Association study, almost 91% of people notice advertising on vehicles as compared to 71% noticing billboards.

You often have less that 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention and less than 10 seconds for them to process the message your vehicle wrap is trying to convey; make every second count.

How Much Does a Full Vehicle Wrap Costs for Local Advertising

Unlike billboards, a car wrap has no recurring cost. You can change your vehicle wrap as often as you like. This means having an initial advertising investment for a fraction of the cost that other long term advertising campaigns, with more results. Think about it, if you put an ad in the newspaper, it would only be there for a week. Same goes for TV. Vehicle graphics can last for years with far more viewership. It also helps because it targets your local market, the people who see your vehicle wrap most likely live in your area and thereby are the ones that you are trying to target the most. Heavy commuters tend to be middle aged, employed and thus have a higher income and more willing to spend money. You should call us for car wrapping prices, we aren’t the cheapest car warp company but we do a good job from the design to the installation.

Reach a Wider Audience

Depending on how often you are on the road and how many vehicles you own, your reach through vehicle wrap advertising is unparalleled. You can reach thousands of viewers per month. This is possible more so than any other form of advertising. In an Arbitron Car Study, it was found that Americans spend almost 20 hours per week in their car, and almost 75% had a favorable opinion of companies they see through truck side advertising. This is because they feel the company is more established and more successful.

So if you’re looking for a vehicle wrap for your vehicle, come down to Pinnacle Custom Signs. We can provide you with the expertise to create a striking custom vehicle wrap for your car.