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7 Indicators Your Building Signs Need to Be Updated

As we travel around Atlanta, we at Pinnacle Custom Signs always pay special attention to the array of signs we see. Some of these building signs spark our creativity with how they attract out attention.

However, there are many more signs that do the business they represent a disservice because they are simply eyesores. It is time to update your signage if it exhibits any of the seven indicators listed below.

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It is time to update your building signs if it exhibits any of the seven indicators that we have listed in this post. For a free consultation, contact us today!
  1. Your Signs Are Peeling

Even signs made of top quality materials will begin to peel after a couple decades. This happens much sooner for building signs made of inferior materials. The printed material may start to come loose from the sign board when continually exposed to extreme weather. You should replace these signs immediately. Otherwise, it may affect sales by reflecting poorly on your company.

  1. Your Signs Are Using Inefficient Lighting

LEDs are no longer a cost prohibitive form of lighting. They pay for themselves within a year or two of use. Right now, they are the most energy efficient form of lighting on the globe. If you use an LED continuously, it will last for more than a decade. Nothing else compares.

  1. Your Signs Are no Longer Applicable

Irrelevant signs often give us a good chuckle. These signs may refer to a service or product that is no longer available, an event that has already happened, or other useless information. While we get a kick out of it, your customers may get upset or confused by signs that promise them items or events that you are no longer able to deliver.

  1. Your Signs’ Styles Are Outdated

Signage styles change over time. It may be time for you to replace your signs if they look like something out of the ‘70s. If you do not, your customers may think your signs are representative of how your business is behind the times.

  1. Your Company Rebranded

You need to update all of your marketing materials when you rebrand. Your signage is among those items that need to be updated. This will aid you in helping build your brand and get your new image out in front of customers.

  1. Your Signs Are Unreadable

Disseminating information is the whole purpose of a sign. Your sign should be replaced if it is not serving its purpose by providing a readable message. When the sun causes non-UV-protected signs to fade, they are often rendered illegible. We can replace your sign and ensure it is UV protected.

  1. Your Signs Are Covered with Graffiti

In just about every town, “tagging” and other forms of graffiti are becoming more prevalent. Most of the time, these signs need to be replaced, though it is possible that we may be able to remove the graffiti from your sign. If we must replace the sign, we can add a finish that makes it tough for scofflaws to destroy your new sign.

Pinnacle Custom Signs has solutions no matter your reason for updating your building signs. For a free consultation, contact us today!