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Better Branding with i.M. Branded- Wall Graphic Installation

Melissa Polsinelli and Mary Staines of i.M. Branded have contacted us several times over the years to do installations at car dealerships throughout the southeast. i.M.Branded provides customers in the automotive industry with graphic branding and millwork solutions to maximize the impression that dealership facilities have on customers.  i.M. Branded works with thousands of dealer clients across the U.S. and we are grateful to be a part of their team in the Southeast.

We have had the opportunity to do graphic installs for their clients in locations such as the Mall of Georgia, Savannah, and Birmingham.  Most recently, they reached out to us to do an installation in Ft. Wayne, Alabama at AutoNation.

Graphic Design Wall Art | Wall Print Images
Wall Graphics for AutoNation Ford Ft. Wayne, Alabama

AutoNation Ford in Fort Wayne, Alabama

The installation for this job included many interior signs that help to convey a visual experience for the dealership’s customers.  Pictures and Graphics of cars were spread throughout the facility, as well as local artwork and scenes from the Ft. Wayne area.

Graphic Wall Panels | Graphic Wall Design
Graphic Wall Panels for AutoNation Ford

One particular wall graphic included a mountain scene that had to be strategically split between three adjacent walls to create an overall look of scenery.  Through utilizing graphics on stretched canvas we were able to hang the images between the walls to create a consistent look and feel.

Other graphics included utilizing multiple vintage prints of classic Ford automobiles from the 1948 Ford Truck to classic muscle in the Mustang GT.

Pinnacle is honored to be a partner of i.M. Branded and their southeastern solution for quality dealership installs. We know that they want to ensure quality service and we take pride in the fact that they trust Pinnacle to provide that quality service.


Car Wall Graphics | Wall Print Images
BOSS 302 Wall Graphic


If you or your business needs to create an appealing visual experience for your customers, give us a call for a free estimate.  We can provide anything from wall graphics to interior lighted signs.