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Building a Better Wrap for Beer Me

Beer is a highly popular beverage which is the highest consumed across the world after water and tea. With a higher quality of beer and various flavor profiles, craft beers are increasingly growing popular. According to a recent report from Market Watch, the craft beer market has seen a growth of 7.02% in recent years and will surpass the 100 Billion Dollar point in the next few years.

vehicle graphics can help brand your business

Beer produced in craft breweries is typically marked by its high quality and flavor. The rising consumption and demand for craft beer have created the opportunity for beer-loving entrepreneurs to open up locations across the country to cater to this niche market for consumers. Beer Me is Flowery Branch is one of those locations.

Beer Me specializes in craft beer to go that is best fresh out of the tap. They carry 24 taps with a continually rotating selection on craft beer. Customers are invited to come in, taste samples and fill a growler to take home.  

This newly opened beer and cider only bar changes their menu weekly to ensure the best beers are being poured. While only 8 months old, this beer establishment has become a well-known staple to the small town of Flowery Branch, which just happens to be about 15 minutes down the road from the Pinnacle shop.

Building the Relationship

The relationship between Beer Me and Pinnacle was first established when Beer Me needed a replacement marquee sign and heard about our work from their neighbor.  When we visited the site on Main St and the owners saw our own company wrapped vehicle and became inspired.   

They took what they liked from our vehicle’s wrap and requested to get a vehicle wrap of their own.  When they reached out to us, it was owner Don Conklin that struck up a deal that helped Beer Me get a full wrap and Pinnacle a small spot of recognition on the vehicle’s bumper.

rear window graphics is a great way to use vinyl decals

When discussing the wrap with Marc the owner of Beer Me, we asked what wraps he has seen before and what he would like his to look like. Lucky for the designers here at Pinnacle he looked at some previous work and had a style in mind. 

They provided us with some previously printed promotional items they had on hand to use as inspiration. Using the promotional items about what they were looking for and having a high res file of their logo was enough to give the designers a great start to the process.

Building the Design

Once the first proof was made, we sent it over for the owner’s initial changes. The first set of changes was for the coloring and the size of the logo on the rear window. The second set of changes included putting the Pinnacle Custom Signs logo to the back bumper (as a sponsor) to ensure those who see the car will see that we are Beer Me’s choice of sign maker.

We tweaked the color a bit so that everything met Beer Me’s brand standards through creating a few variations of the classic red white and blue combination.

The last step of the design process was the decision of making the hood and back of the vehicle blue so that the logo would stand out against the background color. Then we incorporated the red from their color palette to use as a contrast from the middle to the back of their vehicle.

Because of the color selection for the front and the back, we used the same color blue to tie the roof in with the design elements.

Building the Exposure

With this wrap, the small-town watering hole will be able to bring in more guest from all over and grow their business. 

By using the vehicle as a marketing asset, the business can use their commutes as a way to generate interest and exposure to the actual location at a fraction of the cost of traditional print advertising.

Pinnacle Custom Signs has a wide variety of services to assist your business in branding your company vehicles.  From spot graphics to full car wraps, we can ensure that every trip you make is an opportunity to expose your brand. Give us a call today for a consultation to discuss your options to find the price point that works best for your brand.