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Create Commercial Property Signage & Install

A property management company looks for a new sign vendor

Earlier this year, we were contacted by Whitney Payne from Lincoln Property Company. They looking to change their sign vendor for all their commercial property signage in Atlanta and wanted us to provide a quote to do their standard leasing and sales signs.   

Lincoln Property Company was founded in 1965 as a developer and manager of high-quality residential communities.  Today, they are one of the most respected and diversified service firms in the United States, employing thousands of experienced and dedicated people who serve a growing client base that reaches coast-to-coast, as well as into Mexico and Europe.

Commercial Property Signs | Signs for Property Management CompanyWorking with Whitney, we came up with standard pricing models that would work for their budget, and would become the standard across the Atlanta market.

The commercial real estate project included several different types of jobs which included the following:

  • To change out the names on existing sign frames,
  • Create and install new commercial real estate signs,
  • Move signs from one location to another, and
  • Putting riders on signs.  (Note: Riders are the smaller signs that are often found on real estate and commercial property signs that call attention to special details or offers, such as “Free Rent” as shown on this sign.)

We can create and install real estate sign riders FAST!!!

After a few weeks of negotiations, we came up with prices that were acceptable to all parties for all these services.

Once negotiations were completed, we got to work on several of these types of projects.

Riders on Commercial Property Sign | Real Estate Sign Riders Coming SoonOur first job was a simple name change out.  However, it was important to match the green color they use in all their signage and advertising.  Therefore, we had to do a few test prints to make sure we came up with the proper color.  Using our HP latex printer we created several swatches and compared them to Pantone colors they provided and determined the right match for their signs.  The initial name change out went perfectly.

Over the last few months we have created and installed additional real estate signs in the Atlanta area as well as created riders for other signs.

Our next goal is to expand our services with them to their inside signage at the office buildings they manage.