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The Evolution of Wall Graphics | Decorative Wall Signs

Many of us have seen old Coca-Cola signs painted on downtown buildings in the historic districts of places we love to visit.  These scenic trips in time are often referred to as murals or hand-painted artwork on the side of the buildings.  However, not many years ago these were branded advertising strategies by companies to promote their products. 

Decorative Wall Designs | Wall Signs For Business
Classic Coca-Cola “Wall Graphic” now referred to as a Wall Mural

Fast forward to 2016 and you will find that companies are still using this strategy but it comes in the form of digitally printed images specifically applied to walls.

Wall Graphics come in various forms but the most common way to create a wall graphic is by using wall-graphic media that is treated with adhesive-back vinyl.

The recent improvements over the years have allowed for us to install vinyl-based, printed wall graphics that are easily installed both indoors and outdoors.

Other options include wallpaper style graphics that are printed on similar material as traditional wallpaper and then applied with adhesive.

Retailers and Shopping Centers often us these type of graphics because they can be installed and replaced repetitively by professionals throughout the course of different seasons.

Why would you use a wall graphic?

Wall Graphic Paint Designs
Photo Wall Graphics used in the redesign of Home of Hope
  • Creativity – You can be as creative as you want to be with a wall graphic and can reproduce photo images in your artwork. The sky is usually the limit in choosing the elements of the graphic.
  • Inspiration– Many companies today use Wall Graphics to boost staff morale or inspire clients who enter their work space with motivational quotes or targeted messaging.
  • Impact– Often a wall graphic can add extra added impact to an existing interior or exterior sign by drawing the eye to the target area.
  • Marketing– Wall Graphics can help you show off products to impress prospective clients before you ever sit down to talk.
  • Redesign– Wall Graphics are a creative way to refresh the look of your office without having to repaint or remodel by creating extra dimension to your work-space through the graphics and brightening the overall appearance.
Custom Wall Graphics | Graphic Design Wall Art
Inspiration Wall Graphics installed at the Home of Hope

Custom Wall Signs For Offices

Wall Graphics can be as big as your entire wall space or as small as decals next to your door, but in either case they can add an extra touch to your presentation.

Check out our photo gallery for inspiration on how to use wall graphics or stop by the office and see our own collection in our front lobby.   We don’t just promote wall graphics, we use them ourselves.

If you would like more information about Wall Graphics or would like a free consultation about how to best use graphics to enhance your space — Give us a call!