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Five Commonly Asked Sign Questions

Since people don’t buy new signs every day, those that are unfamiliar with the process will often have many questions about the process such as, how long will it take, how much will it cost, etc. Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the more commonly asked sign questions from new customers.

How Much Does a New Sign Cost | How Much Does it Cost to Wrap My VehicleHow Much Does a New Sign Cost?

The cost of a sign varies depending on the type of sign you may want, the materials that are needed, and the size of the particular order.

If you are requesting an order for something standard and easy to make such as a banner or yard sign, then it will most likely be less expensive to make. The materials that are necessary to create your sign will also have an impact on what the cost will be.

On the other hand, if you need a lighted or monument sign that is much bigger, more difficult to create, and requires more production time, then it will be more costly. Also, for signs that require permit(s), you will need to budget more than just the cost of the sign.

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap My Vehicle?

Many factors go into the final decision of how much a vehicle wrap will cost. These factors include: the type of vehicle, the size, and the amount of coverage.

The type and size tend to be somewhat intertwined in determining the estimate. Also, the amount of coverage is essential in determining cost. Do you want a full wrap or a partial wrap? A van that is relatively flat might be easier to wrap compared to a smaller car that has lots of curves because they tend to be more complex to wrap. Just because a car is smaller, does not necessarily mean that it will cost less to wrap.Step Van Wrap | Box Truck Wrap Costs

We realize how beneficial a car wrap is for advertising your business so we will work with our customers to see how we can make this happen for whatever budget is available.

Does a Sign Cost More Depending on the Number of Colors in the Sign?

That primarily depends on the sign shop that is going to make your sign. With today’s large format digital printers which are more prevalent in the market, sign shops today may not use this pricing tactic. Digital printing will allow for printing full-color graphics much like you’d do with your desktop printer, although on a larger scale, and can produce some attention-getting designs. However, if a sign shop is not using large format digital printing, there may be per-color charges for your sign, depending on the print method(s) used.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Sign?

The time it takes to get a sign finalized and completed varies on a number of elements.How Long Does it Take to Get a Sign | Do you Have Sign Permits

The design process typically takes the longest, and that time-frame will depend on the amount of design work that needs to be done if production-ready art is not readily available. If you already have a design created, then it can speed up the process, if the artwork is in the right format that will allow it to scale to your sign need.

Another factor that goes into the time it takes is if it requires permitting. Most outdoor signs require permits and these will need to be obtained before the sign can be installed. There are different rules for each jurisdiction, so the time to complete the paperwork varies.

Once design is done, and all requirements are obtained, the remaining time it takes to get your sign depends on production schedules. If the sign is outsourced, it will generally take longer to get through the pipeline.

Do you Have Sign Permits? How Much Do They Cost?City County Sign Ordinances | Help Getting a Sign Ordinance

Here at Pinnacle Custom Signs, we can help you get sign permits; however, this is an additional expense that is not included in the price of the sign. Most sign companies will charge a flat fee to obtain the permit in addition to the cost of the permit. Therefore, the cost varies with each jurisdiction because they all charge differently.

If you would prefer to get the permits on your own, we do help you complete the paperwork required for the permit, using the knowledge we have in working with the various jurisdictions.

As you can tell by the answers to the questions above, there are sometimes no definitive answers to these types of questions. Since we are a custom sign company, often the answers to these questions are as custom as your sign will be. However, we are dedicated to working with you throughout the entire process to make it as effortless on your part as possible. If you are looking for a new sign, give us a call or fill out our quote form and let’s start working together.