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Five Components of a Complete Business Signage Audit

After being in business for a while, you may not think about your signage anymore, but you should. Just as styles in clothing come and go, so do styles in business signage. Conducting a business signage audit is an essential part of evaluating your marketing strategy. The following are five components of a complete audit:

1. Visibility

Over time, trees grow and structures are built. Can potential clients and customers still see the sign you installed so many years ago? Is anything obstructing the view or deferring your customer base? Has it become dirty or faded so it’s no longer readable or recognizable. Your clients must be able to see the sign if you want them to visit your business.

2. Vibrant Colors

How vibrant is your sign? The colors and designs should jump out at passersby. When someone walks or drives by, they should catch your sign from the corner of their eye because of the vibrant colors. If your sign is fading or if its paint is beginning to peel, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

3. Message

What message does your signage portray to customers? It should give them clarity about where you are located, what you do and what they can expect from you. Over time, your goals and messages may have changed. Be sure the message on your sign portrays those changes.

4. Branding

You may have taken a lot of time to build your brand with flyers, online ads and other marketing components, but that should also extend to your business’s sign. It should be attractive, connected to other branding elements and engaging to the customer.

5. New Laws

Codes and regulations can sometimes change without you realizing it. You don’t want to be in violation, so it’s a good idea to research any community changes that happened since the first time your sign was installed.

A business signage audit is essential for evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. It’s important to know what to look for, and who to call when your signage needs some help. To update your sign, contact Pinnacle Custom Signs today by calling 678-509-6423 or sending an email.