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Importance of Directional Signage

Imagine… you’re in a huge mall complex trying to find a specific store or a department within a store, but you have no idea on which floor or in which direction you should go. Or, you are grocery shopping with your screaming two-year-old and just want to get out of there, but can’t seem to find the eggs you need for breakfast tomorrow to save your life. Or, you are lost trying to find your classroom at a big university, and you are already running late for class.  In each of these scenarios, having directional signs would be extremely useful and can make one’s life a lot less stressful.

Benefits of Good Signage | Importance of Signages in Schools

Benefits of Good Signage

Simply put, the easier you make it for your customer to find what they are looking for — be it your office, or a product within your store — the easier it is to get a sale. If a customer can’t find what they need, they may become so irritated that they give up and your sale is then lost. Directional signs are a good and easy method in guiding customers in getting to the right place.

It is imperative that signs be at a height and location that are easily seen by those trying to find something.  Directories near escalators and elevators are extremely important in order to identify what is on each floor or where things are within the building. It’s also crucial to place directional signs high in the air so that at any point in the store one would be able to see them.Importance of Signs and Symbols in Communication

Importance of Signage in Retail

Most consumers have lists, but bring extra money for impulse buys. This is where directional signage can also be an advantage, as they can create excitement by pointing people to other products that they may not know you carry. It is unlikely that every customer knows of all the items that your business sells, so it is always a good thing to inform them with signs placed in strategic places.

Importance of Signage in the Workplace

Make sure to do yourself and your customers a big favor by labeling hallways, floor levels, etc. and you will surely not regret it. This way both parties won’t have to waste time asking and answering directional questions. If your facility needs directional signage, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can help you out!