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Lighted Pylon Sign for Deals, a Dollar Tree Company

Very early after we started up, we had the opportunity to work with Neil Page, one of the principles of Page-Webb, LLC.  His company develops properties for several companies like Sherwin Williams and Deals, a Dollar Tree Company. 

Lighted Pylon Sign Costs | Pylon Sign Design

Lighted Pylon Sign

Earlier in 2013, Neil approached us to start getting information about what it would take to get a pylon sign off of Metropolitan Parkway in Atlanta for a new Deals location. As part of his development agreement, he was required to provide a pylon sign to the customer as part of the total package.

A pylon sign is a freestanding sign with visible support structure or with the support structure enclosed with a pole cover.  Since it is a freestanding sign, we had to check city codes, building codes, and overlay districts to advise him on the best approach for him to take.

Once he secured the deal with the franchisee, he quickly worked with us to get permitting, final design and construction of the sign. The sign is a four-foot by seven-foot light box with a painted pan-face, atop a covered pole.

Since it was a pylon, it required footings and poles before the actual sign was installed.  In Mid-December the sign was installed and the total development was set to be turned over to the customer.

We look forward to continuing our work with Page-Webb on other projects they are proposing in the coming year.