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Phantom Fireworks Comes to Georgia – Expanding Business Needs New Signs to Open

Sometimes there are laws passed that will benefit small businesses.  One such law recently passed in the state of Georgia was making the sale of fireworks legal in the state, effective July 1st, 2015.  With the passing of this law, Phantom Fireworks, whose tag line is “Lighting Up Backyards of America from Coast to Coast®“, will be expanding business operations into the Atlanta market.

Temporary Banners | Phantom Fireworks | Morrow, GA
Temporary Banners allow a business to open with signage before their permanent signs are ready.

A National Company Opening Locations in Georgia Needs Interior and Exterior Signage

In early June, we were contacted by Joe Kurdupel from Phantom Fireworks who was looking to get three stores up and running so they could be open before the July 4th holiday.   The three planned locations are in Buford, Duluth and Morrow.  Needless to say, that was a tall order in a short time-frame, but it is important to accomplish this in time for the holiday known for fireworks.

We started the project by doing site surveys on all three properties to take proper measurements.  Next, we determined the jurisdictions the three locations would reside so that we can establish the correct requirements for the sign permits they’d need for their external signs.

Abiding to Local County and City Sign Ordinances

Each location was a little different.  One was in the City of Morrow, which has a sign regulation stating that sign faces for pylons need to be embossed. In Gwinnett county, which covered the Duluth store, the size of the sign you can have is based upon the square footage of the building.  And, finally, in the City of Buford, you are only allowed 5% of the area of the front of your building.  Understanding the differences and variances in multiple locations allows us to be a one stop shop for our customers.

Wall Graphics for an Expanding Business | Phantom Fireworks | Duluth GA
Wall Graphics give a professional look to a focal wall.

Once we did all the research we presented Joe with a full proposal of what it would take to get temporary outside signage up with the permanent to follow afterwards.  After he reviewed the package he gave us the go ahead to move forward with permitting and production.

Once the exterior signage was settled, we were asked about interior signage, specifically wall wraps behind counter to show off their brand.  In addition, we did some white ready-to-apply (RTA) vinyl for doors and windows.

By the end of June, all temporary outdoor signs were installed, interior signs were installed and permanent signs were put into production.  We hope to finish up this project by the end of July.  They have several more stores opening up in Georgia in the next year or so and we look forward to servicing their needs at these new locations.

Is your business expanding?  Whether you are expanding into a larger facility, or opening additional locations, we can help you with the indoor and outdoor signage the expansion requires.  Click here to fill out the quote form.