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The World of Restaurant Signs

There may be no business that benefits more from signage than restaurants.

Restaurants are most successful when they use signage to drive potential customers through their doors. Customer’s usually first become aware of a restaurant because of signs; so, using the right signs to drive patrons in the doors is essential.

No matter where your restaurant is located, what sign ordinances you are dealing with, or whether you are just starting out or have been around for years – we have solutions to help increase your restaurants exposure. 

Check out some of our previous restaurant projects to get ideas.

Outdoor Restaurant Sign Ideas

The outdoor sign, or facade sign, is the first sign that restaurant guest see. These outdoor building signs typically feature the restaurant’s name and logo and is largest sign the restaurant invests in.

Other restaurant signs outdoor ideas includes window graphics on the doors showing the opening hours and may also featured information about the menu. Sandwich boards, tenant panels, and other signage may also be used.

Channel Letter Sign for Eight Sushi

Outdoor building sign for Eight Sushi Lounge restuarant

When we first met the owners of Eight Sushi, they were just starting their business.  They need us to install channel letters with a mesh backer and installed on the top of an awning.  

We conducted a site visit to look at the ability to run power to the sign, and we had to stick to very specific brand standards to design the sign for the customer.

After we completed the project, the customer had an attractive branded sign that helped them stand out in the complex where the restaurant is located.

After opening, Eight Sushi was named to Atlanta’s Hot New Restaurants of 2016.  They provide a high-end Japanese dining experience.

Acrylic Lighted Sign for Big Bowls Little Plates

The owner of this restaurant out of Secaucus, NJ contacted us because we had completed an installation at his previous restaurant – Delmonico’s.

He wanted someone he knew he could count on because his new location had to accommodate the logo & name in a very small space but still attract customers. 

Since we couldn’t do a quick onsite visit to this location, we reached out to our national installation partners to look at the job and give us parameters.  The client decided on using at Push Thru Acrylic Lighted Sign incorporating his logo to make the biggest impact.

Big Bowls Little Plates in now open and serving a blend of traditional and modern Asian fusion food to the residents of New Jersey.

Indoor Restaurant Sign Ideas

Once a customer makes it past the front entrance into the restaurant, it is important to engage them with signage and give them an idea of what to do next.  Menu boards, “order here” signage, and “wait to be seated” signs are all a staple of the restaurants we choose to dine at frequently.

Interior Restaurant Signage for Voga Gelato

3D Wall Graphics for restaurants

The owner of Voga Gelato actually found us online and came in to discuss the opening of his restaurant. Once provided with a quote, he proceeded to place multiple orders with our team.

We created numerous interior signs for Voga Gelato such as restaurant menu signs, logo graphics and a three-dimensional wall graphic for the seating area.

In addition, we provided this client with numerous window and door graphics to brand the visible areas that people could see walking by the restaurant.

This project was a bit more complicated than a traditional order because the artwork was created in Italy and the files were in Italian.  Between translation and time zone differences, we took longer than normal to get him up and running.  By the time, the project was complete the owner was thrilled with the results.

Restaurants on the Go

Many restaurants no longer stick to the stationary brick and mortar model.  We have help produce dozens of graphics for Food Trucks over the years.  We also help our clients create secondary locations.  We did this for Voga Gelato by custom wrapping their ice cream cart to use at street festivals and events.

Other Restaurant Signs

There are many other ways to use signage in the food industry. Signs for food establishments are not standard but there are a few things that are typical regardless of location and type of restaurant that our team can provide such as:

restaurant compliance signs
  • Opening hours signs
  • Standard or lighted menu signs
  • Custom restaurant sign boards
  • Restaurant compliance signs, such as:
    • Restroom Signs
    • No Smoking Signs
  • Custom name badges

Some of these signs are not used for advertising but to be compliant for regulations and ADA requirements. These types of signs can be as generic or customized as the restaurant desires.  We have produced some very specific branded bathroom signs recently for Frankie’s The Steakhouse, which serves to a high-end private clientele.

What restaurant signs does your restaurant need? All restaurants need signs that inform, advertise or show the way. Our team is here to help you customize your signs to get you up and running in no time!  Just give us a call to start the conversation.