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Wall Graphics & More… Large Scale Graphic Project for Dimensional Design

At the end of October, we introduced you to Dimensional Design. What sets Dimensional Design, an industrial design company, apart from other design firms is that they have a manufacturing center in-house that works with the design team to bring their designs to life for their customers under the same roof.

Recently, they asked us to help them complete a large-scale graphics project for Wind Creek Casino & Hotel at Phillips Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks. Wind Creek runs RED, a sit-down, dining experience within the arena that is open during and after all Hawks games and other ticketed events.   Dimensional Design was asked to update the graphics at RED in time for the Hawks season opener.

Wall Graphics | Design Installation of Wall GraphicsWall Graphics

Wall graphics come in a variety of formats, and this project was no exception. One of the most common formats of wall graphics is a mural which depicts a scene of some sort. They can have text, or just be an image to give a certain feel” to the environment. Other formats include cut vinyl graphics providing information to the viewer. This project included both these types of wall graphics.

The project included three wall murals which were installed in the following locations:

  • The “Hawk Walk Concourse”, which was installed above the concourse walkway. This was a mural that was approximately 11’ tall by 24’ wide designed to drive traffic to RED by telling people it is the place that “gets Atlanta into action”. A second graphic was placed below the RED name, branding the sponsor.
  • In a concourse niche, a 7.5’ by 18’ mural depicting the fun to be had at a Wind Creek Casino and a 27” by 18’ graphic with Wind Creek’s slogan underneath. This mural was a bit unique in that it was to be installed on a tile wall. In order to get a smooth surface to install the mural, we installed it on Sintra® (a type of PVC foam board) adhered to the wall.
  • On a side wall next to a staircase leading up to the bar, again, showing the fun at a Wind Creek Casino. What made this install a bit trickier than the others was that the area to be “wrapped” wasn’t not a typical rectangular shape due to the slope of the stairs next to the wall. Again, we had to install this mural on Sintra® panels.

Business Wall Graphics | Wall Graphics for Business EnviromentOther graphics that were also part of the project and included cut vinyl lettering and dimensional signs in the main bar area, including the hostess stand and table tops. We also installed a large logo on the stair risers that could be seen going up the stairs. Finally, there was one last piece to the project, and that was to wrap the padding on the goal posts with the Kia logo.

We had done a few smaller projects for Dimensional Design, but none that was intensive as what they needed to do for Wind Creek Casino.

In addition to the number of graphics that we had to produce and install, there was a short and tight time frame given for us to complete the project. The project spanned a few days, had to be coordinated with all the people working at Phillips arena and took our whole installation crew to complete in the time allowed.  The video to the below shows some of the highlights of the job in progress.

The best part of the project was after it was completed and we watched the first Hawks’ game and saw our work on the goal posts all during the game.

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