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What is HDU Signage and How Does It Work for You?

When you are looking for new signage for your business, you will quickly find that there are a wide variety of materials that can be used to create signs. One of the most popular material choices is High Density Urethane (HDU) foam.

What Is HDU Signage?

This Outdoor Signs for Local on North Uses High Density Urethane Foam

High Density Urethane foam is a waterproof sign material made for creating dimensional signs at a lower cost (and weight!) than using wood.  This strong material creates a carved look and can feature multiple backgrounds in different thicknesses for outdoor signage.

This foam used for signage is one of the most reliable and durable materials on the market for dimensional sign making.   For signage that needs to withstand environmental elements or has highly detailed 3-D elements, HDU foam board delivers versatility and value.

Whether your signage needs to be carved, routed, sandblasted or machined, HDU is ideal wherever a dimensionally stable material is desired. This material allows sign makers to extend beyond the roles of most modern sign techniques and reignite the artistry of wood carvings.

The Advantages of HDU Signs

Cost – HDU provides several advantages for consumers that start with the cost.  It is typically cheaper to produce a HDU routed foam sign than to route a wood sign without losing the appeal of a traditional routed design.

This Indoor Sign for Local on North uses High Density Urethane Foam

Weight – These type of foam signs can be used to create various custom shapes to match a logo, icon, or image that reflects your business message.  HDU is often found in various shapes that hang within a customer’s line of site.  The weight of these signs make them ideal for areas where signage needs to make an impact from higher hanging elevations such as retail or busy street corridors.

Endurance – HDU can be painted with both automotive and marine paints that allow for the sign to withstand weather and endure well beyond the years of wooden routed signage.  HDU also does not have the same rot issues you find over time with typical wooden signage.

Customization – If it can be created in a typical design program, then it can be routed on HDU.  Artistic elements can be incorporated into basic signage concepts that can show off both the brand name and brand creative elements that are hard to create in other forms of signage.

Eco-friendly – One reason to convert to HDU is simply that it is more environmentally sound.  Using HDU reduces the amount of wood needed for signage and in turn, reduces the number of trees needed in the production of signs.

The Uses for HDU

This Post and Panel Sign for North Atlanta Church of Christ Used High Density Urethane FoamHDU signs are ideal in many sign designs.  They work extremely well for residential monument signs because they can withstand the normal elements of weather and last for long periods of times without rotting or erosion. In commercial businesses that need storefront signage, HDU works well and can be mounted or hung from arms that hang above the street.

Additional uses include business park signage, directional and informative signage, decorative post and panel signs, directional and information signs, tenant signs, apartment number signage, lobby and trade show displays, signs for churches and memorials, golf course hole markers, theme park signs, historical markers, dedication plaques, boat and marine outdoor signage, or traffic and parking lot markers.

How Are HDU Foam Signs Produced?

Pinnacle has the ability to produce high-quality routed signs in an extremely efficient matter for our clients with our in-house Laguna CNC router.  Our in-house design technology allows us to create customize channel letters, outdoor signage, marquees, and monument signage that require customized formats, fonts, and cuts from our facility in Buford, GA. We can make the CNC signage on materials from wood to metal but especially on HDU foam to provide the best value for our clients.

Routed Apartment Number Signs That Use High Density Urethane FoamWe can convert your artwork into specialized CAD/CAM files to provide the intricate details you will find from many other architectural or design firms throughout 3D printing capabilities. This allows our team to provide fast fabrication, delivery, and installation of signage to your business.  It also allows us to save intricate designs to replicate identically for repeated production.

Give us a call or reach out to us for a complimentary consultation about converting your existing signage or creating new signage for your businesses needs.