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Xpress Outdoor Signs Give Guidance to Metro Atlanta Commuters

The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) works on behalf of the Governor to reduce congestion and improve mobility, and operates high-quality, efficient regional commuter services.  Stephen first started working with GRTA about 2 ½ years ago, to help complete small, random projects. Most of our previous projects consisted of post and panel systems and Bus Stop signs.

In September of 2016, the GRTA contacted Stephen at Pinnacle Custom Signs about a large project for their Xpress Bus Lines. They were in the process of re-branding the transit service by changing the existing logo and look for their park-n-ride monument signs in the Atlanta metro area. Stephen went out to look at the monuments and took measurements of all the faces because the size of the signs at each location had different monument measurements. After he took everything into account, Pinnacle submitted a bid to replace all the faces.

Getting Things Going

Xpress Rebranding for GRTAThe process to submit and review the bid to the GRTA went through a waiting period of over 4 months before decision.  We received word in January 2017 that we had been awarded the project and began the steps necessary to get everything correct before production.

Stephen then took on the process of finding exactly how the customer wanted to have the faces printed. Stephen – along with Josh- worked on preparing signs using 5 different methods to present to GRTA as options. The options included:

  • Translucent Vinyl, roll printed and applied to acrylic face
  • White Acrylic Direct Print with a Single Density Color Option
  • White Acrylic Direct Print with a Double Density Color Option
  • Clear Acrylic Back Printed with a Single Density Color Option
  • Clear Acrylic Back Printed with a Double Density Color Option

Xpress Rebranding of Post and Panel for GRTAPinnacle created regular translucent vinyl print on the face of the signs with 2 different ink densities on white and clear acrylics for examples. After presenting GTRA with the options, they wanted to go with the direct print on white acrylic with double color. Stephen then offered an anti-graffiti laminate to increase the life of the faces once the type of signs was selected.

Sign Installation

The creation and installation process for this project could finally begin.  The Xpress Bus program is located all over the metro area and required installs in many different locations.  Signs from Gwinnett to South of Atlanta were included in this project at park and ride locations.

Pinnacle then began the production process of printing, cutting down the signs to the correct size, and laminating with the anti-graffiti film to prevent vandalism.  This process to 3 days to complete.

We then used a team of two installers to spread out across the metro Atlanta area to complete the install of all the locations over an additional 3-day period.

Advantages to Using the Service

Timing on this project has been ironically critical as it coincides with the transportation crisis in downtown Atlanta with the collapse of the bridge on I-85.  The government of the State of Georgia is highly encouraging all residents who must travel downtown to carpool or take mass transit to ease the congestion problems created with the shutdown of a major corridor.

Xpress offers the opportunity for our commuters in the metro area to utilize mass transit to reach their destinations without having to drive throughout the Atlanta corridor from points as far north as Canton, Cumming and Hamilton Mill to the southern reaches of Newnan and Hampton.

Xpress Bus System Map

The ability to identify through way-finding techniques and take advantage of the new branding and signs for the bus services provided by Xpress are critical to helping ease the traffic congestion.  For more information on their services you can visit