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Sign Installation Contractors for a New Dairy Queen Franchise

In September, Mr. Patel from Lavonia, GA contacted us.  He was in the process of opening up a Dairy Queen franchise right off the interstate.

All of the signs for Dairy Queen franchises are produced by Allen Industries in North Carolina.  He had already ordered his sign package and contacted us to get the proper sign permits and install the signs

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Since we had not yet had the opportunity to do permitting in Lavonia, we went up to the city, which is 60 miles from our office, and worked with the officials there to get the permit package approved.

For the next step, we needed to coordinate with Mr. Patel’s general contractor to determine when the building would be ready for us to do the sign installation.

Once we knew the time was close, all the signs were delivered to our office.  Because there were so many (15 in total) and most were quite large, they almost took up our full garage space. There were pole signs, building signs, and directional entry signs.

Building Sign Installation Atlanta | Sign Installation CostFortunately for us, Allen industries did an excellent job getting the materials to us, including a detailed installation guide that provided specific directions for each sign type and allowed the installers to know where each sign was to be placed.

The actual installation turned into a two-day adventure.  The pole sign required that we dig an 8-foot hole for the footings and let it set overnight.  The days we had scheduled for installation turned out to be some pretty soggy days, so even though the installation went slowly, it went pretty smoothly.

Now that the job is complete. Mr. Patel and his family will be opening up for business on December 9th.  This project showed us another side of the sign industry, one where we are a subcontractor to a larger sign producer.   We look forward to other opportunities such as this in the future.