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What Separates Pinnacle from Other Sign Companies?

A few months ago, Stephanie, a former team member of ours, wrote a blog on what it is like working for a sign company from the perspective of a person just starting in the sign industry.  Just before she left on her new adventure at Delta Airlines as a flight attendant, she took the opportunity to interview both Joanne and Josh to pick their brains on their overall experience in the sign business.

Since they both have worked for various sign companies over the years, we were curious to hear their opinions on how Pinnacle Custom Signs differs from the other companies that they have worked with in the past.

Joanne (Production Manager)

Joanne Turner | Pinnacle Custom Signs | Production Manager | Sign CompaniesJoanne started at a company that dealt mostly in real estate signs in Suwanee, Georgia with little to no sign experience. Her duties consisted of designing, as well as running the Mimaki printer.

When asked why she decided to become a part of the sign business, she answered by saying that the notion of a sign company being a realm of design that you can see and touch really appealed to her. She fell in love with the concept that the work you make translates into the real world by allowing everyone to openly see the work that you helped create.

Over time she worked for companies that specialized in certain products such as real estate signs, routed or sand blasted signs, as well as electrical/lighted signs. What she said attracted her to Pinnacle was the fact that so many different products are made here and that each sign is truly custom-made.

When asked what her favorite part of working for Pinnacle Custom Signs was, she responded that she absolutely loves that everyone here is proud of what they do. She loves the environment of the workplace, which is always fun and relaxed. She noted that this particular company is more like a family in that every member of the team is included.

Another positive aspect of Pinnacle that she said separates us from the rest is our emphasis on customer service. She loves that she has free reign on doing whatever is needed to satisfy the customer, which she had never really gotten to do before.

Josh (Design and Production Associate)

Josh Whitt | Pinnacle Custom Signs | Design & Production Associate| Sign Companies

Josh has been in the sign business for a little over 10 years, and has worked at multiple places in Georgia. He went to school for design because he has always liked drawing and working on computers, so he thought it was a great combination to start a career.

He initially began working as a graphic artist, but over time and with a great deal of experience, Josh has become not just a designer but a production associate and an installer as well.

Sometimes all it takes is trial and error, he said, to learn how to do something new. He enjoys a good mix of everything so whenever he has a “designer block”, he prefers to be out of the office and go on installations, while other days he doesn’t mind working inside all day.

He chose to work for Pinnacle when an old co-worker of his (Levi Pharr) referred him. What Josh said separates us from our competitors is our customer service. Like Joanne, he expressed how much every member of the team sticks by their work and will go the extra mile to satisfy their customer, even after the sign is done.

His favorite aspect of working for Pinnacle Custom Signs is the people that he works with because of everyone’s similar sense of humor and personalities. Josh says the biggest payoff is when he is able to witness the customer’s reaction when they see their sign for the first time and are extremely excited and thankful.

Although we may not have any current openings for new team members, we are always on the lookout for great employees since we never know when we’ll need to make our team grow.  If you are interested in joining our team, click here to fill out our online application form.