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Protecting and Promoting your Vehicles with Vinyl | Graphics and Branding

Certified Vehicle Wrap Installation | Vehicle Wraps | Pinnacle Custom SignsHow many vehicles do you see each day?  As you travel down the expressway on any given day, you are exposed to thousands of vehicles coming and going along the same paths. Many of those are company vehicles traveling to various points of service or commuters stuck in traffic trying to get back and forth to work. However, every one of those vehicles are an opportunity to express your creativity or brand through graphics.

Use of Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Van Wrap Installation | Vehicle Wraps | Pinnacle Custom SignsVinyl vehicle wraps help thousands of businesses display branding and company personality every day on roads across America. In addition, whether vinyl is used  for professional or personal purposes, vinyl vehicle wraps can add to the value and aesthetics for your car or truck.  For businesses, graphics add to brand recognition and help drive traffic for your business. When used for personal vehicles-  they show off your unique personality and help retain your vehicles value. Essentially, graphic wraps take your vehicle to the next level.

Being an expert in the Vinyl Graphics Game

Trent Marshall | PDAA Master Certified Installer | Pinnacle Custom SignsThe importance and growth of vinyl vehicle graphics is accelerating across the country and Pinnacle Custom Signs has seen a large growth in demand for these types of services.  Having a team of professionals that understand and are trained to handle various aspects of Vinyl graphics for vehicles is essential to providing quality services to our clients.  That is why we are excited to introduce Trent Marshall to the Pinnacle Team.

Trent joined us a couple months ago from Auburn, Washington where he specialized in vinyl for a multitude of mobile graphics.  Trent has had the opportunity to wrap anything from small planes, mobile rail cars, and trains too specialized rally cars for his clients.

Multiple Vinyl Options and Finishes from 3M | Vinyl Wraps | Pinnacle Custom SignsTrent holds certifications from 3M, Avery and is a PDAA Master Certified Installers.  PDAA Master Certifications recognize the installer among an elite group who have achieved the highest degree of industry recognition and proficiency.  In the industry, 3M and Avery are two primary types of media used for vinyl graphics and certified installers of these products know how to apply them for optimal design and performance.

Installation certifications offer training followed by a certification tests to ensure that the installer provides a high-quality wrap jobs across multiple mediums including windows and walls in some cases.   Trent’s Avery Certifications include two different types of classes – one for your typical wraps and one for color change wraps.

Why are Vehicle Graphics Rising in Popularity?

Color Changes with Vinyl | Vehicle Wraps | Pinnacle Custom SignsWhen talking to Trent about his view on the importance of Vehicle Graphics, he mentioned the preservation properties of vehicle graphics are as important as the branding aspect. Vehicle Graphics help to protect the original paint job from scratches, sun exposure, and regular wear and tear from outside elements.   The protective film can help business owners to retain the maximum value of their vehicle – especially when considering trading it in or selling it for a newer model.

Like we mentioned before, vehicle graphics add aesthetics to your business vehicle but it doesn’t have to be design work.  Business owners have the choice to protect their vehicles with color change wraps that transform the look over their fleet into a single color or design that can cover the entire surface.  Options include transforming a car, truck, or boat’s surface using finishes such as a carbon fiber, matte finish, brushed metals, or even chrome.

Industry Trends in Vehicle Graphics for 2017

Vinyl is Waterproof | Boat Wraps | Pinnacle Custom SignsOne of the key takeaways from our conversation with Trent is that the Atlanta market – where we are based – is vastly under served by vehicle graphics compared to the Seattle market where he recently worked.  Trent stated that when driving around Seattle “fifty percent of the vehicle on the roads used vinyl graphics where in the Atlanta market it seems like around twenty percent.”  In particular he mentioned the lack of white cars on the road because of how easily they could be upgraded from blank canvases to color and design.

So, if you are ready to “just say no to white”, check out 5 ways to use graphics on your vehicles:

Vinyl works with Many Surfaces | Vehicle Wraps | Pinnacle Custom Signs

  1. Partial wraps. When used for business, partial wraps are an effective and cost-efficient solution. For seasonality messaging or promotional changes, partial wraps make it easy to update often.
  2. Matte finishes. Matte finished wraps are on-trend and gaining popularity every day. Matte provides a distinct change to glossy paint finishes, which makes matte-finished cars stand out.
  3. Textured wraps. Textured wraps provide visual impact that can be faux finishes such as leather, riveted steel, or artistic patterns. Textured wraps can be used for both personal vehicles and commercial vehicle wraps to grab consumer attention.
  4. Custom graphics. Custom graphics are a growing solution for commercial businesses. Today’s technology provides business owners with the ability to incorporate almost any customized imagery such as logos and advertising images to meet brand recognition and lead generation goals.
  5. Embossed wraps. Embossed wraps allow vehicles to have 3-D effects and transitions. It provides show stopping and traffic grabbing attention for the brands that use them on their vehicles.

Promote Your Vehicle with Vinyl | Fleet Truck Graphics | Pinnacle Custom SignsPinnacle Custom Signs  has more than a quarter-century of combined experience and provides quality vehicle, boat, and mobile branding solutions for our clients.  Our company can assist you in branding through Fleet Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Architectural Wall Graphics, Promotional Window Clings, Floor Graphics, Event Signage, and much more. We provide exceptional “Turn Key Service” across the United States to give you peace of mind when you need optimum performance for the intended life of your graphics.  Contact us today for a complementary consultation about your branding or graphic needs.