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What does it cost to put graphics on my vehicle?

One of the most frequent questions we get from potential customers is “how much does it cost to wrap a vehicle?”  The answer to that question always depends on what kind of vehicle and what is your goal.  That is why we will always tell you that “it depends”.

What are your needs?

We start with the first question we always ask our customers – what are you trying to accomplish?

Basic Vehicle Branding for Contractor's Best Pest Solution in Buford, GA

Do you just want a mobile business card that lets you get your name, phone number and website out there?  Are you looking for something more striking that will draw attention?

Once you can answer that question then we move onto the budget.  The second question is: How much of your advertising budget dollars do you have to accomplish this goal?

The Breakdown

A good general rule of thumb for commercial pickups and vans is that you can get basic information such as phone and website on doors and rear of the vehicle, including a logo, for around $500.  That helps to accomplish any branding goals you have as a business through vehicle graphics.

Halfway There

Partial Vehicle Wrap for Benjamin Moore in Johns Creek, GA and Cumming, GA

If you want to have more exposure like adding larger graphics to the side of a van, adding more colors, or even pictures – then the cost will vary. You should budget anywhere from $1,000 to $1,800 depending on the size of the vehicle and the amount of coverage on your vehicle.

Often these types of graphics are referred to as partial wraps because they are more than your basic information but don’t cover the entire vehicle.  This price range allows your business to get a top-notch eye-catching design for under $2,000.

The Full Meal Deal

The final and most asked about option is full vehicle wraps that cover the entire vehicle.  These types of wraps are the most noticeable and will give you the biggest bang for your buck because they offer complete surface coverage.  Once again, the price is going to depend on the size of the vehicle and model and usually ranges from $2,500 to $3,500.

Full Vehicle Graphics for Auto Glass Network in Dacula GA

Fair Disclaimer

Fair warning that these prices are based on your standard truck, car, or van.  Pinnacle also offers services for trailers, boats, golf carts, RV’s, box trucks, and even semi trailers but those prices could be more or less than the prices listed above. The smaller vehicles like golf carts may be less for full surface coverage and the price can be much more for the larger surfaces such as RV’s.  The price simply depends on how much space you want to cover and how much impact you want to have on the road.

In most cases, these prices include design services so you get a professional design highlighting your message. Regardless of what route you take, you can and should take advantage of your “rolling billboard”  by thinking about it in terms of how many miles you put on work vehicles and then how many eyes probably see them.  If you own a business with company vehicles, don’t get caught driving what we call a “naked” vehicle. Or, as Don Conklin puts it, “Friends don’t let friends drive around naked.”

RV Vehicle Wrap for Workout Anytime

Visit our vehicle wrap gallery or our social media pages to see more examples of our previous work to get inspiration.  Also, Pinnacle can walk you through the process of finding the best vehicle coverage for your budget to accomplish your needs.  All you have to do is ask!  Feel free to give us a call or reach out to us today for a complimentary consultation.