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Wrap Anything | Using Graphics in Various locations

As the popularity of mobile marketing grows with vehicle graphics and full wraps, the creativity in the vinyl graphics space also grows.  From Windows and Walls, to other various elements that are in the public eye; vinyl graphics are becoming quite a popular option for businesses.

By Land and By Sea

Vehicle Wrap for Benjamin MooreVehicle Graphics and Wraps have easily transitioned into anything on wheels or water these past few years.  From boat graphics to golf cart applications, many businesses and customers have taken advantage of the use of graphics to personalize their modes of transportation.

The popularity of vehicle wraps can be seen in recent stats provided by the Outdoor Advertising Association of American and Traffic Audit Statistics. “Media targeted toward vehicle drivers and passengers reaches 95% of Americans; a single wrapped vehicle can net between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions a day; wraps cost less than a dollar per thousand impressions (CPM).”

Filling in the Blanks

Use of graphics for walls and window covers have added an element of creativity to the traditional brick and mortar workplace.  Companies have used graphics to speak their mission or reinforce their brand through spreading graphics throughout the workplace.  It essence these workplaces fill in the blank wall spaces with graphical forms of art.

Nami Window GraphicsWall or window graphics allow a company to impress visitors and create a more welcoming environment. Wall graphics can assist a business to connect with clients on an emotional level by using graphics that connect with people not just products.

The use of graphics had advanced from permanent installation to temporary graphics that allow some businesses to use window graphics for shorter duration and spice up their message over time.  It all depends on the businesses unique needs and audience.

Graphics can be used in large wall spaces or smaller locations as a form of way finding for providing your clients.  We provide small wall graphics for one of our national accounts to use as room identifiers to point people in the right direction.

Inspiring New Trends

Animal Xray Machine
Small Animal X-ray Machine before Graphics Application

The next trends in the graphic space are popping up in some very creative spaces.  From workplaces to sidewalks, graphics have gone beyond traditional marketing messages to a form of art.

Both 2D and 3D graphics can be placed on floors giving the appearance of an object that isn’t there.   Stairways are another example of creative spaces that can be used to create a message.  Thinking about using night glow graphics can illuminate spaces after hours. Making memorable graphics is about using creativity.

Doorways and elevators are another great example for being creative with your custom graphics. Imagine using that entrance to create a window or portal to another place, a place where your brand shows its true colors and makes consumers want to step through reality and into a magical illusion.

Graphics for Xray Machine
Graphics for Small Animal X-ray Machine

On some street corners, utility boxes are now being utilize for marketing messages.  Through using the graphics, you can catch the attention of those passing by with unique marketing messages.  Cities are now incorporating creative graphics into their streetscape plans to enhance the artistic feel of boring streets.

Machine graphics can turn a rather stationary piece of equipment into a focal point for clients through messaging.  We recently completed graphics installation for a small x-ray machine used in a veterinary office to enhance the workspace through branding the product.

When in Doubt, Wrap IT

Vinyl Graphics can be customized to take advantage of just about any space.  You are limited simply by vision and creativity in the design process.  From mobile messaging to stationary locations, the amount of marketing that graphics can add to your usual advertising budget is solely up to your business.  Our team is willing to assist you in both design and utilization of any space.