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10 Signs that it’s Christmas Time

Not all signage comes in the form of back-lit channel letters and big roll out banners.  Sometimes it is as simple as a symbol or graphic that conveys the message and Christmas is full of signs that aren’t cut out of Foamboard and Coro.

So we take a break from educating you on our sign jobs and turn your attention to a few signs of the season you might have not thought of before.

Signs of the Season

  1. Christmas TimesChristmas Trees– Whether it’s a Frasier fir or a seasonal pine – trees start popping up the week of Thanksgiving every year. You can fresh trees being transported on the tops of vehicles all over the country and start to glow from house windows all month long.

  2. Santa and his Elves– It doesn’t take too long toward the end of November for the big guy in the red suit and his elves to start magically popping up all over town. From guest appearances in commercials to parades across the United States, this guy and his team are busier than a presidential candidate for four weeks’ strait.
  3. Magical Lights– Around the holidays, even the most boring streets get a magical makeover with lights glowing at the dusk hours. From big elaborate community displays to your local neighborhood tour of homes, the twinkling strands of lights and inflatable glows is not hard to find.

    Custom Banners for the Buford Holiday Festival and Parade
    Custom Banners for the Buford Holiday Festival and Parade
  4. Community Events – Every event hall and church auditorium is filled with events from the 1st to the 24th of December that brings local communities together. From Christmas Bazaars to Church productions, it is quite easy to find something for your family to do together to celebrate the meaning of the season.
  5. Sales – No other single event brings on sales signage like the weeks leading up to Christmas. From Black Friday specials to buy one get one deals, the retail and hospitality season really picks up.
  6. Traffic– As the pace of retailers start to pick up, so does the traffic. Occasionally, this actually leads people to ignoring all signs of the road and leave good driving behavior behind.  Roads, parking lots, and online websites feel the crunch of millions of people trying to mark everyone off their list
  7. Nativity Scenes– Live Nativity’s with real people, donkeys, and sheep are almost as common as statues offering a symbol of the religious meanings behind this holiday. For those who claim Christianity as their religion, this is the ultimate sign of the holiday.
  8. Carols– One of the first signs of Christmas is more often heard than seen. Radio stations, store playlists, and groups of people can be found everywhere singing classic Christmas songs from Rudolph to O Holy Night.

    Stockings add a festive touch in any color
    Stockings add a festive touch in any color – check out our office!
  9. Stockings– There is no other time of the year where it is common to hang large socks next to your fireplace. Most people instantly recognize this sign that Christmas has arrived and Santa will soon be there to fill those empty hanging objects to the top.
  10. Snowflakes– We all may be dreaming of a White Christmas, but many of us never receive that type of whether in the month of December. It doesn’t stop anyone from using snowflakes and a jolly old snowman as a sign of the season.  There is nothing like the picture of the family cuddling by a fire to set the tone for family togetherness at Christmas.
Happy Holidays from the staff at Pinnacle
Happy Holidays from the staff at Pinnacle

Seasons Greetings

So as we leave you with a few signs of the season, we encourage you to look around you and really dive into the symbolism and signs that this holiday uniquely brings to the area around you.  Savor each small detail that signals Christmas is here.

At Pinnacle, we treat our clients and our staff like family and they mean quite a bit to us this time of year.  So from our family to your – Merry Christmas!   We wish you nothing but peace and joy in the weeks to come.

If you need any assistance with any of your signage needs, give us a call.  We would be more than happy to help!