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Types of Sign Hardware

Post and Panel Sign for The Daughtry House - Post Cap Sign Hardware
The panel on this post & panel sign is made of High Density Urethane, also known as HDU. HDU is ideal for signs that are exposed to the “elements” since it does not warp or rot, and bees and termites aren’t attracted to the material.

One of the least thought about decisions when designing an outdoor sign for your business or event is often the sign hardware. Sign mounting hardware should be durable and in accordance with the desired visual effect of commercial signage. There are several choices for assorted sign hardware for a variety of applications ranging from street sign bracket hardware to stand alone unites for interior retail signage.

The right hardware displays outdoor commercial signage in an effective and attractive way.  It enhances the branding, messages, or directions. Diverse sign mounting options for wall, ceiling, pole, or corner applications are all versatile and can add the longevity and value of the sign.  Here are just a few of the most common solutions:

Common Sign Hardware Choices

Temporary Sign Hardware

Real Estate Yard Signs | H Frame StakesMany times, only a temporary sign solutions are needed for the sign message.  For sale signs, event directional signs, and election signs are typically what comes to mind when you think of temporary signage.  Usually these signs are made from coroplast and present a few different hardware options for display.

H-Stands are easy to use and replace by sliding in the veins of the coro sign but aren’t always the solutions with most endurance.  Banjo style frames provide a sturdy option but require the additional step of bolting the sign to the frame holes.  T-bar stakes also have holes that require attaching the sign to the frame but also have a sturdy “T” bar at the bottom for ease of inserting into the ground. The final most common option for coro signs is slide in frames that allow you to place the sign inside the frame with or without additional bolting.

Permanent Outdoor Sign Mounting Solutions

For a more permanent sign, such as outdoor business or way-finding directional signs, there are several post options that range from U-Channel posts to traditional stained 4 x 4’s.

U-Channel posts are most commonly seen on every street corner because they are simple and durable posts for mounting standard traffic signs.  These metal posts can also be found in square posts and round poles used to permanently fix your signage.  These types of post are often use for directional signage.

Real Estate Signs | Post & Panel Sign | Keller Williams Realty | Dacula, GA | Pinnacle Custom SignsFor most businesses, options such as wooden posts used for post and panel signs are more common for business branding. Treated wooden post can provide more aesthetics and versatility for larger outdoor signage in front of businesses or displaying more long standing messages.  However, these signs aren’t as permanent as stone or brick monument signs so they can be moved or changed if necessary.

Decorative Sign Hardware Options

For basic signage, such as emergency building numbers or smaller hanging signs – decorative scrolls often add a nice touch.  Another common decorative option is to simply add 4 x 4’s with decorative post tops to your design.  By adding iron, pyramid, or Gothic style shaped caps can change the formality of the appearance of your message on traditional wooden posts.

So Much More

There are so many more sign hardware solutions and even options for signage that do not use traditional mounting.   The rise in popularity of digital message boards change the installation of signage completely by utilizing installations processes specially designed to hold the electronic components of the sign.  Indoor Signage also provides plenty of hardware options to display your signage in the most appropriate manor for your message.

So if you are considering new signage for your business then consider how the hardware can enhance or detract from the sign itself.   Check out our blog for several pointers that range from Key Steps in the Sign Making Process to Questions Customers Should be Asking When Looking for a New Sign to give you some basic insights on how to start the sign process.

The team at Pinnacle is dedicated to help you produce the best overall look for your sign and that includes sign hardware and installation.  Give us a call for a free consultation if you have any questions or need assistance.