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3D Lobby Signs

As part of any business, most people are very proud of their logos and the way they’re presented. Their logo also means something to the marketplace for them.

Think about the swoosh and you know who that is, that’s Nike. Or the Golden Arches and that’s McDonald’s.

You can use multiple signage types to create a custom look, like using a wall graphic to add a backdrop to your sign.

A lot of businesses are very, very proud of their logo and how recognized it is in the market.

Here at Pinnacle, we’re very proud of our logo which is more than just a pretty icon, it has meaning. The peaks represent the heights we will go to in order to provide the best products and services to our clients.

Your logo is a representation of the identity, the brand, that you build for yourself as a small business.

One of the things that a lot of business owners like to do to show off their brand as well as make a very nice piece of art for their lobby in their building is to create 3D lobby signs of their logo for their office building, specifically for behind the reception desk.

What is a lobby sign?

Lobby signs differ specifically from other indoor signs in that they really are the logo and identity of the company.

They are the focal point when someone walks in the door of the business. The 3D sign upfront is the statement to visitors that this is who we are – this is Pinnacle Custom Signs or Pinnacle Data systems or Workout Anytime, etc.

And the other indoor signs are typically directional signage.

Think about signs on the door that say conference room, men’s room, ladies room, room 127, Don Conklin’s office. Those are the other types of indoor office signs.

Lobby signs are about your identity as a business. And the way we look at it is, it’s really a piece of art. It is about your lobby presenting your company in the way you want your customers to see.

Don Conklin

Examples of 3D Lobby Signs

Most lobby signs focus on the logo of the company, but they can be made of many different materials and can be presented many different ways.

Logo sign for CGI, Inc.'s Atlanta Office
CGI, Inc. – Atlanta, GA Office

For example, you can make a lobby sign that incorporates your logo that is strictly one color or with the colors of your brand. A lot of companies we work with choose colors based upon their brand’s Pantone colors.

A logo sign can be made out of PVC, acrylic, brushed aluminum or a combination of these materials and other materials. Using different types of materials allows you to be more creative in expressing your brand identity through your lobby logo sign.

The other thing that companies can do to make their lobby signs stand out is add lighting to it, either back lighting it or lighting the letters themselves. That makes that sign really stand out and really gives it an interesting appearance compared to other signs.

How must does a lobby sign cost?

From a cost standpoint, the cost of a lobby sign really depends on the types of materials that you use, the size of the sign, and if is it lighted.

If you use one type of material like PVC or acrylic, it’s going to be much less expensive than if you use multiple layers of different types of materials on top of that. Non-lighted signs are much less expensive than if you use lighting in the sign.

Typically, a lobby sign can run anywhere from $500 to $600 installed to up to $3,500 installed, again, depending on the size and materials used to make it.

And the larger size typically run about eight feet wide by about three feet tall. The size of it, the types of materials, the amount of materials, and whether lighting is or is not included determines the price.

3D vs 2D Lobby Signs

Now there are differences between the 3D lobby sign and a 2D lobby side.

Using vinyl wall graphics to display your logo in your lobby area is an affordable option.

Many businesses who choose to use vinyl wall graphics to create their lobby sign do so because of cost and because they see their lobby sign as valuable.

Perhaps, they don’t have many customers/clients who visit their location so they aren’t concerned with the perception of their location.

Perhaps it is a budget issue, especially with small businesses or start-up companies who want to invest funds into operations; they may plan on improving their signage but they just need something to do the job.

Perhaps it’s just a size issue. Some locations may not have the space to have a 3D sign.

Whatever the reasoning is, 2D signs just can not compete with 3D signs when it comes to proudly displaying your company’s brand. If you want to highlight your brand in the best way possible, a 3D sign is the way to go!

But if you have to settle for a 2D sign, please work with a sign company (ahem, like us) to professionally design and install it. Having a cheap looking sign can be worse than having no sign at all.

Work with a custom sign company who can meet all of your signage needs!

So, if you’re proud of your brand and you want to present your brand and create a really good looking sign, then go with 3D lobby signs.

Quite frankly, we call many of the 3D lobby signs that we have created pieces of art. They really are works of art when we are finished with them.

We have companies that we service across the country that every time they go into a new location, we produce the lobby sign that we developed for them that highlights their brands. This keeps their brand consistent from location to location to location. So if you walk into a C2 education location in Atlanta or in San Diego, in Chicago or in Manhattan, it’s going to look exactly the same wherever you are.

Brand Your Business Location

Lobby signage, and what we call a logo signage, is extremely important for your business in that it does brand your business and it tells your clients when they come into the right building and how proud you are of the brand. It’s really brand recognition and wearing your brand on your sleeve.

Acrylic sign for Burger IM
Layered acrylic sign can be used to create a 3D look.

The complexity of it, how it’s presented and things like that really say a lot about who you are and who you are as a company.

If you’re willing to present your company’s logo and identity in such a way that it really stands out to the customer coming in, they will definitely remember that and once they leave, two months down the road, three months down the road, they’ll remember the logo and identity for the business that you’re trying to work with.

At Pinnacle Custom Signs, we do the majority of our lobby signs, 3D signs, and office signs in house. With our routers, our lasers, and other equipment, we are able to create the ideal custom sign for any customer. Because we are able to do it in-house, we have a fairly quick turnaround.

If you need a custom sign for your business, a 3D sign or other type of sign, we can help you design, create, and install any custom sign you need.

Give us a call at (678) 714-8700 or fill out our quote form online to get a free, no-obligation quote. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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