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Great Ideas for Custom Graduation Signs

If you’ve ever driven through a residential area or neighborhood in late April and May, you’ve probably seen dozens of signs marketing the culmination of education for high school and college students.

Graduation signs and banners are a very noticeable way to announce how proud you are of your student’s accomplishment. They are great as decorations for parties, make it easy for them to spot you in the crowd at graduation, and a great way to announce the graduate to your community.

Graduation signs and banners can be customized to any size, color and message. So, if you want to greet party guest with a banner that stretches across the front of your house — it’s possible. If you simply want a customized yard sign by your mailbox, we can do that too!

3 Options for Graduation Banners & Signs

There are three banner and sign types people use to the most to create personalized signs for graduation:

Custom Posters – These heavy card-stock large format prints are flexible but sturdy ways to create personalized images and message that can be used indoors at parties or offices for your graduate.

Custom Yard Signs – These corrugated plastic signs typically come with a metal h-stand that makes it easy to insert in your front yard like real estate signs. This type of signage is cost effective and can hold up for a longer duration in the rain and sun. These are great to use by your driveway as wayfinding signs for a party or just as a way to show your pride.

Custom Vinyl Banners – Vinyl material banners come in a multitude of sizes and typically have grommets and hems that make them easy to hang on walls or outside of buildings. These work well as a backdrop for a party or larger outdoor announcement for your graduates.

Although these are the most popular signs for graduation, we can customize just about anything for graduates from t-shirts to plaques.  Check out our home page to see all the different types of custom signage products we offer.

Designing Your Graduation Sign

The entire purpose of creating a graduation banner with a sign company is to have the ability to create a custom item that represents your student’s college or high school and your student’s unique personality.

However, the idea of designing something may be overwhelming to you.  We offer several options to make sure that the idea of sign design doesn’t prevent you from being able to recognize your graduate.  Find the option that works best for your family.

1. Create Your Graphics – Our team can work with just about any graphics.  If you have creative skills and want to provide us with camera ready artwork- we can assist in the print production.

Just make sure you are sending us high resolution files in .eps, .ai, or a high-resolution pdf that is saved for high resolution printing.

If that is over your head, you can also send your design team some pictures or a mockup of what you want and we can take it from there! Remember that this sign can be kept as a keepsake should you choose.

2. Send Us Something You Like – If you have no idea how to mock up your own design and have no idea where to start, then try google! Find something you really like and send us a picture with the things you want to change such as names, logos, and colors.

3. Utilize Our Free Design Services – Then there are those who have no idea what they want or time to look for ideas.  We can help you too!

We just need to know the name of your graduate, the school they are graduating from, where you are going to display the sign, and if you want us to use a photo.

Our design team will create a sign for you at no extra charge and send you over proofs for approval before we print so that you can make changes to anything you don’t like.

Lasting Memories

As a family run business, we have experienced a lot of graduations over the last few years from both our own families and numerous customers.

We know that graduation signs and banners are probably one of the most impactful products we produce.  They may only be hung for short periods of time, but they are front in center in these milestone moments for so many families.

Our team provides clients with a 24-48 hour turn around time once artwork is approved for your sign so that you can post it quickly.  Signage can include your graduates photo upon request as well as grommets for hanging, reinforment for the holes, and wind slits to prevent tearing from wind. Pinnacle also can create custom banners with logos for the entire subdivision if your community has restrictive HOA requirements.

Our first hand experience helps us to understand that this time of the year can also be extremely stressful!  So give us a call today and let us help you mark one thing off your mile long to-do list before that big day arrives!