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5 Benefits that Monument Signs Can Have on your Business in Atlanta

Statistics have shown that when they have a choice, potential customers are more likely to choose a business due to their outdoor signs. If you’re a business in or around Atlanta, you know it’s important to target the right markets and demographics. However, it doesn’t matter what their age, profession, or gender, monument signs reach every demographic equally. A well placed monument sign can make a dramatic difference to the perception of your business! Here at Pinnacle Custom Signs we’ve provided you a handy guide of several benefits of placing a monument sign in front of your business in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

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  • Large Audience: Monument signs are seen by anybody passing by your business and is a great way for them to identify the location of your business as well as the product and the company. A large monument sign placed outside of your business makes it simpler for customers to find your company. In addition to this, monument signs are favored by many city councils and permitting departments due to their refined and high-class appearance.
  • Targets Every Demographic: The best thing about monument signs is that they can target all demographics. If you own a small business most of your customers will be local. These customers of yours will be driving by your sign multiple times a day, several times a week. Having a monument sign helps you attract such local customers who might otherwise not have been aware of your business or feel compelled to enter your business do the professional look of the monument sign.
  • Cost Effective: Compared to traditional advertising methods such as radio and newspaper ads, monument signs are a great cost effective way of increasing your visual marketing. A significantly larger amount of people are likely to see your monument sign than can hear your ad or see it in the paper. Monument signs offer year round advertising, 24/7, something the traditional advertising methods of radio and TV just cannot match.
  • Make Your Message Clear: The great thing about monument signs is that they can be constructed in a creative manner, to best reveal what your business has to offer. All types of businesses, whether they are real estate offices, doctor’s offices, yoga studios or a professional firm can benefit from using a creative and artistic monument sign that conveys their message and attracts customers. Doing so makes your business stands out from the crowd, making it more likely for customers to remember your business.
  • Makes You Easy to Locate: Let’s face it, the best part of having a monument sign is that it makes your business easy to locate for customers. Consumers may be using search engines, social media or your website to find your business, but if you do not have a sign up that makes your business easy to find, all that is in vain.

If you’re looking for a monument sign for your business, contact us at Pinnacle Custom Signs and we can create a custom monument design that will make your business stand out and impress your potential customers. We have years of experience and know exactly what it takes to create a monument sign that delivers the right message and presents the customer with the image that best reflects a business.