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Tips for Getting an Effective Sign for Your Business

The signs you use for your business do not have to be of the flashing neon variety to attract customers to your business. Signs and graphics have three primary purposes: to inform customers, to direct them to your business and finally to sell them on your product. As cutting edge technology has made many new styles of signs more affordable, new products have been introduced and the range of options have improved. However, there are still some common characteristics that businesses have to use to make a sign truly effective. Here are three tips on how you can get a great sign for your business.

Tips for Effective SignsMake Your Sign Memorable…Fast

In today’s world, with TV, radio ads, and Internet advertising, you only have a few seconds to grab your potential customer’s attention. If your sign is not memorable and getting enough attention, your sign is ineffective. There are several factors that go into making a business sign memorable, including the size and height of the sign, the placement or position of the sign, color and the font of the text. Remember to keep your design simple, a company logo and colorful representative image can make your point in an effective way.

Close Proximity – Such As On Site Signage

Having an outdoor sign such as a billboard for example in close proximity to the business can also greatly increase its effectiveness. Research has shown that 50% of customers have found a new business because of their on-premises signage.  Having an outdoor sign that is some distance away from your place of business can cause the potential client to forget they saw it. In addition to the proximity of the signs, the height of a sign can impact how effective your sign is. If your sign is placed too high, people passing by in cars will not be able to see it. One suggestion made by the experts at “Entrepreneur” magazine is that business owners should determine who will be viewing their sign and how fast they travel past it. Try to make your sign eye level for maximum effectiveness.

Use Colors That Compliment Your Sign & Logo

Certain colors can evoke specific emotions in potential customers. For example, studies have shown that the color yellow encourages feelings of happiness, while blue brings out a confident feeling, green suggests health and purple has royal connotations. If you already have a business logo established with specific colors, consider repeating the logo and color in your signs. This will give consistency to your signs, and people can begin to associate these colors with your business. In fact, studies show that adding an image such as a logo or adding color can increase the effectiveness of your sign by 78%.