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5 Options for Retail Store Signage

For many independent retailers, it can be hard to stand out in a sea of sales this time of year without good retail store signage.  Competing with large corporate chain stores in the rush of Holiday sales is often difficult and costly for the local small business owner. 

Small business retailers focus a great deal of energy on driving sales through social media promotion and reducing cost of products to drive traffic to their stores during the holidays.  However, here are 5 quick and cost effective retail store sign ideas to help the local boutique and independent retailer compete for foot traffic during the peak retail season.

Retail Store Signs ideas | Retail Store Displays5 Types of Retail Store Signage

  1. Sandwich boards – These mobile signs are constructed in a triangle shape, hinged along the top, that allow you to advertise your message to traffic in both directions. The message is interchangeable so that you can change out your sales message.
  2. Window Signs – Window Signage can create visual focal points and sales messages in your window displays that provide a call to action for potential shoppers.
  3. Retail Store Sales Signs | Types of Retail Signs
    Sandwich Board Signage

    Window Graphics – Graphics on the windows can be a complement to window displays or be your central point of signage for foot traffic.

  4. In-Store Signage – Hanging retail signs and banners throughout the store display rack signage showcases sales, new arrivals, and clearance messages.  Using retail store sale signs to direct traffic from the front to the back of the store creates the ability for store owners to drive traffic through the store to see more products and increase sales.
  5. Retail Signs and Banners | Retail Display Signs
    Electronic Message Boards – Although Electronic Messages Boards are the least cost effective signage solution initially, they are the best option for long term sales strategies. These message boards allow for the store owner to control new sales and new messages daily.  Special messages can be integrated into sales strategy to help with community relations or congratulatory messaging.

Take a stroll through any new retail development and you’ll quickly notice just how far the sign industry has advanced. Today, sign options are more flexible, creative and attainable than ever, allowing any business, on any budget, to purchase stunning, attention-grabbing signage.

If you’re in the market for a new sign, give us a call and let us know what you have in mind. We can customize any product to your specific needs, and we’re adding new, exciting products all the time.

Small Business SalesSupport Small Businesses

As a small business, we not only support other local small businesses but we also encourage communities to shop locally this holiday season.  We want to help local small businesses capture that traffic.  Give us a call and let us see if we can help you sale more this shopping season.