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5 Reasons Your Business Must Have an Outdoor Sign

From Retail to Warehouse, businesses with brick and mortar locations need an outdoor sign.

A lot of effort usually goes into finding the perfect location for a business. Some of those reasons can include proximity to roads, transportation, or number of roof tops in an area.

However, the perfect location will not matter if the people who you intend to attract can’t find you.

industrial monument sign acts as a landmark for individuals looking for your businessSignage can be as simple as making sure there is a recognizable landmark for those who want to do business with you. Installation of exterior signs not only brands your location, it helps to add brand presence to increase your business overall.

How? Here are five proven reasons that putting up exterior signs can improve your brand presence:

Signage is a reflection of your brand.

Branding goes beyond signage but signage is a very important element of your brand.

For brick and mortar businesses, storefront signs are often the first thing that customers see before they interact with a brand. People often judge how good a company’s products and services are based on their first impression.

If their first impression is of the exterior your business, what does your brand reflect? When conceptualizing your signage, always keep in mind that first impressions last.

It lets everyone know that you are there.

Have you ever though you have arrived at your destination only to drive around for another 20 minutes trying to figure out which door or warehouse space is correct?

That is why the first and most important reason to put up storefront signs is to let your target market know that you are there.

channel letter building signs help identify your location for customers.Building signs act as a guidepost for brick and mortar businesses that either provide a confirmation that someone has arrived at the right place or invites people to come and visit your business. This can be especially helpful if your store is in a tricky location or is too small to get noticed right away.

It attracts customers – both new and old.

A lot of customers often come into a store simply because they saw a store sign right outside the building. With the right location, colors and design — exterior signage can be the silent salesperson that your brick and mortar store needs.

The right exterior signage can promote products, services, or promotions without the need to pay an additional employee. Using the right type of exterior signage can help drive new customers to buy your products or help establish new potential business relationships.

It gives your brand legitimacy and trust.

Businesses who have letters missing from their signage or broken signage can convey an image of being old and run down. And businesses who don’t have any sign can be considered suspicious. Obviously, store signs can make a huge difference in public perceptions.

Pinnacle Custom Sign’s goal is to help you establish your brand’s legitimacy and trustworthiness through developing signs. Having storefront signs will tell them that you are serious about what you do and can be trusted to deliver your promises.

It establishes connections in person and online.

ISigns can be more than a logo and name. You can have informational signs. t is often a good idea to include online details such websites and social media accounts when designing signs, such as monument signage.

Incorporating your online destinations into the signage for your physical destination allows people to learn more about you even if they don’t have time to visit your facility. Use your signage to drive potential customers to online locations that can help increase your sales or build relationships.

Work with an experienced sign company.

Pinnacle has experience in helping our clients work with exterior signage that is appropriate for their business. We can assist in working with city code or property management guidelines to maximize your sign exposure without violating any ordinances. We can also help you maximize your message within the scope of your budget.

Since different businesses target different clients, there can be very different needs for exterior signage. For a retail business that change their promotions and specials often, they may want a sign with digital message capability that allows them to change their message often. But a local warehouse may only need front channel letters or a monument sign that lets freight trucks know where to turn to pick up their products.

Our team can help you determine the best exterior sign for your business Just fill out the form below or give us a call to continue the conversation.