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10 Ways to Step Up Your Signage with Digital Message Boards

Getting started with digital signage can seem expensive and complicated for many businesses.

Many of our clients like the idea of digital signage but are scared by the investment that comes with converting a traditional monument or indoor sign into a digital message board.

In addition, while many digital signage players come pre-loaded with content, you probably want your own. That is why installation often comes with training on how to customize your sign’s messages.

inform people about sales and products like in this sign from NAPA Auto PartsThe monetary and time investments clients make in digital signage, many don’t know how to maximize the effectiveness of their new digital sign.

So, if you are looking for ideas on how you to get the most out of your investment, here are 10 ideas for how to use your digital signs.

#1 – Showcase Your Products

Do you need to drive product sales? Then you can promote specific items on through your digital message boards!

In the retail environment, 80% of brands achieved significant increases when they promote sales through digital signage. By showcasing those products screen, you can share their importance with your audience.

#2 – Discuss Your Values

If you can share a message that promotes the desire to “give back” to someone else, you can connect on an entirely different level. Creating branding with a cause promotes values and beliefs and can promote your desire to support these values and beliefs. Support others through message can help drive business for those customers who share your beliefs.

#3 – Promote Your Services

Digital signage is a great way to up-sell your customers and generating more business. So, make sure you’re promoting the services that offer highest profit margins and explain the benefits to your audience.

Generic introductory content will likely cover the major services your company offers. However, what services do you offer that your clients don’t utilize? Use your digital message board to promote services that most people don’t ask about gives you a chance to inform your audience or your full range of services.

Provide useful information, like this sign from Newton Federal Bank#4 – What’s on Sale?

Make sure that you are using your digital message board to promote your sales or specials. Customers love value. So, if you’ve got a discounted service or product, share it with everyone who passes by.

#5 – Introduce Yourself

Don’t only uses your digital signage to promote sales. Your signage can be used to build deeper relationships with your customers such as introduce them to your staff. Sharing a little bit about the employees who make your business so great can help your customers relate. Share education, experience, favorite sports, pets, etc to help bring a human element to a digital message board.

#6 – Give them a Call to Action

What do you want your customers to do? Stop and walk in? Buy your product? Call you? Act before a certain date? Then you must tell them. You can use your signage to prompt them to do it. If there are no calls-to-action or obvious next steps then you may not create a sense of urgency to act on your sales, promotions, or specials. By prompting them to ask about a service, follow you on social media, give you a review, they might just do it.

#7 – Get Connected on Social Media

Social media is a great tool for your business to connect with your audience if your audience knows you are there waiting to connect. When you share valuable and interesting content with current and prospective customers it gives you chance to do special promotions and extra information about your services. If you have a presence on social media, then encourage people to connect on your digital signage.

#8 – Share Industry Tips and Tricks

People love to learn, and your industry is no exception. As an expert in what you do, you’re uniquely positioned to share your knowledge. Chances are, your customers don’t read the same content you do. While you live and breathe your industry your audience doesn’t. So, sharing recent stories or developments from your industry is one way to get your audience interested.

You don’t have to give away trade secrets, but there are tons of ways to share helpful information about your product or service. It gives your audience a sense of empowerment and appreciation of your business.

notify people about events happening at your store | Coming Soon sign for Good Deeds#9 – Company History

Go one step further beyond tips and tricks and just give your audience facts. How long have you been in business? Who started the company? What were the obstacles were overcome? People love good stories and you can tell yours through your signage.

#10 – Share Your Events

Are you participating in a job expo? Is your business hosting an open house? Let your audience know what’s going on. Driving people to meet you in person or sharing a unique event experience can help build relationships and trust.

Remember, the easiest way to miss out on opportunity is to not take it. So taking advantage of all the opportunities that come along with digital message boards is easy to see for most of our clients. If you want to get more coverage and exposure out of your standard monument or window signage, give us a call and let us start the conversation about your options.