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5 Simple Ways to Update the Look of Your Business

As we kickoff 2019, we reflect on the numerous times that we speak to business owners at the beginning of the year.

They are usually looking to start the year off by achieving new business goals for their company that include their business branding, signage, or new locations. In many cases this involves creating new looks for their brand, new wayfinding signage, or even just getting quotes for potential projects during the new year.

So, we thought we would compile a list of 5 ways for any of our clients to freshen up the look of their business without significant investments.

1) Put that Paint to Work

Simply putting on a fresh coat of interior paint can transform your office space for both customers and employees. New paint can enhance the color of your existing interior sign and give your office a polished look.

Add a new coat of interior or exterior paintIf you have wall graphics that you are concerned with painting around, we can provide you with some tips on how to work around graphics or update the graphics all together.

Adding some new color to your office can start the new year off with an updated feel to kick the year off the right way.

2) Freshen up your Signage

If you have signs that are sagging, faded, or simply worn out around your office, then it might be time to consider a sign makeover.

Paper or cardboard based signs that have been used for several years in a row can easily be updated to vinyl or corrugated signage that are meant to have longevity.

Not only do they last longer – they also look better! If you made something as temporary signage a while back and it is still serving a purpose, then it might be time to replace it with more permanent signage solutions.

3) Small repairs

small repairs can make a differenceIf you have any signs or notices that something is broken, out of order, or you have been hiding it behind a picture or plant, then it might be time to address those issues.

Calling in a handy man to help up fix doors, replace flooring, or fix the trim around a window can help upgrade the office and your initial impression to clients.

4) Let Go of the Long-Lived Logo

It is not uncommon for some of the most successful companies on the planet to update their logos every so often to resonate with the changing of times.

You don’t need a complete logo change but updating font choices, lay out, or even adding an accent color can do a lot to let people know your brand stays up-to-date with the times and provides cutting edge service to their clients.

If you have been using the same logo for more than 10 years, consider adding new lift to your business this year by updating your logo.

5) Reboot the Website

It has become industry standard to update your website at least every 4 years. If your website only has one page, doesn’t showcase your work or the services you currently offer, or hasn’t kept up with the numerous changes the search engines have made over the last few years, then consider an update.

updating the look of your "online signage" - your website - can help.We know that updating your website can seem overwhelming! Pinnacle underwent a website update last year. However, we encourage you to find a web designer and get some opinions about what needs to be done to make your website look fabulous and hire a web developer if needed in order to have a fully-functional site.

What about Signage?

If you crossed out all the above and still need something to update the look and feel of your business, then we encourage you to consider your signage.

Pinnacle offers complementary sign consultations because we know that sometimes business owners just don’t know all their options or have no idea how much of an investment new signage will cost the business.

Our team of professionals can help provide you with suggestions and ideas on how to create anything from basic business branding to custom artistic creations within your office space.

Our updated website, videos, and social media pages provide a lot of ideas on how we have helped our past clients and give you a feeling for different things we can do for you.

Check out our 2018 Year in Review Video to get a lot of overview on some of the projects we have recently completed and give us a call at (678) 714-8700 to get started on ways to improve your business’ signage in 2019.