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3 Quick Tips to Create the Best Outdoor Sign Design

It’s important that your business strike the right brand image and messaging. Your outdoor sign design plays an important role in those areas. It helps you attract foot traffic and stand out from your competition. There are three quick tips that can optimize your sign’s impact.

  1. Focal Point

Your sign needs to pop, especially when you’re surrounded by other businesses. A focal point in your design is the key to having that wow factor. It gives readers something to rest their eyes on and allows them to zero in on your messaging. White space around that area draws the eye as well when there’s a colorful background.

  1. Installation Plans

 Any initial design must take into account how the sign will be installed. Sometimes beautifully designed signs aren’t properly installed for several reasons. These include issues such as the sign being too large for the substrate. To avoid installation mishaps, take the following into consideration:

  • Substrate specifications
  • Installation location
  • Banner size

Additionally, the mounting environment is critical. Weather conditions can have a negative impact on signage quality. For example, a location that receives constant sunlight can result in a vinyl decal losing its adhesive properties or fading. The bottom line is that the perfect installation begins with a precise design.

  1. Font Size

Big letters help patrons see and read your signage from a long distance. Text size depends on your locale and sign goals. To determine the right size, there’s a general rule of thumb you can follow. For every 100 feet of visibility, you need letters that are 10 inches high. For example, 20-inch fonts work best for attracting readers who are 20 ft. away. This is a simple design rule that ensures your sign remains readable at various distances.

Level Up Your Signage

Focal points, font sizes and installation plans are key factors to getting the most out of your outdoor sign design. To create signage that meets your company’s needs, contact Pinnacle Custom Signs today  at 678-509-6423 for more information and a free quote.