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Are Lighted Signs Right for You?

The right lighting can take a basic custom sign and make it standout. But with all of the different types of signs, how do you know if a lighted sign is the right option for you? Or which type of sign is best?

Custom lighted business signs have come a long way. While neon signs are still made, custom LED light signs are more cost effective both in energy usage and maintenance over time.

Let’s run through some of the things you should consider and the types of lighted signs on the market.

Outdoor Lighting vs. Indoor Lighting

Backlit lobby sign for Simple Automation
This brushed aluminum lobby sign uses back lighting to create a custom look.

To begin with, the location of your custom sign needs to be considered.

An indoor, lighted lobby sign can offer great visual interest and brand your space; it is going to be considerably cheaper than outdoor lighted options because it is in a protected environment and rarely needs any sort of permitting to install.

Outdoor signs can vary between building mounted signs and road-side monument signs, marquee signs, and pylon signs. These are more often lighted and are more expensive because of the increased maintenance cost and need for durability.

3 Factors To Consider With Custom Lighted Signs For Business

The first thing to consider when deciding whether or not to get a lighted sign is your hours of operation.

Atlanta Custom Signs can take many forms
The type of traffic you get (foot vs. vehicle) can determine what type of sign you need in addition to local permitting guidelines.

Most businesses that are open after dark will greatly benefit from custom light signs. It’s a necessity! It tells potential visitors that you are open for business and helps to guide them to your front door.

The next consideration is your location and potential traffic. If your sign will be visible from the road, it is an important investment. If the sign won’t be easily seen until you are up close, then you should consider other signs.

The final consideration is your budget. Lighted signs have come a long way over the last 10 years and have become more affordable but cost will differ based on the type of lighting and type of sign. Outdoor signs also have to be permitted which can take extra time and effort.

Types of Sign Lighting.

Now that we’ve looked at what you should consider when choosing a lighted sign, let’s look at the different types of lighted signs.

Many pylon signs, like this custom sign for Hermes Realty Group, use light boxes.
Many pylon signs, like this custom sign for Hermes Realty Group, use light boxes.

Light Boxes

Light boxes are a popular type of lighted sign that is also called a box sign. It uses internal lighting to illuminate the face of the sign which is often made of transparent vinyl and acrylic.

Light boxes can be used as building signs, monument signs or on pylon signs. The cost depends on it’s placement and size but it’s a fairly affordable option for most businesses.

The box sign face can be flat or embossed to add some dimension to it. It doesn’t have to be a square or rectangle. Light boxes are often used with other types of lighted signage, like dimensional letter.

Dimensional letter signs often incorporate other sign types like sign boxes. This sign for Dallas Dental is a good example of the use of channel letters and small light boxes.

Dimensional Lettering – Channel Letter Signs

Dimensional signs, often called channel letters or dimensional lettering, are dimensional shapes that are lighted from within.

Unlike light boxes which illuminate a broad surface including the white space, dimensional signs allow you to focus the attention on what matters, making a bigger visual impact.

Channel letters are often used with light boxes to create a multi-dimensional look or to add additional design or information that isn’t suited for dimensional lettering.

This building sign for DeSo uses gooseneck lighting.

External Lighting

External lighting can add a unique look to a sign and, in some cases, be more affordable. Common types of external lighting include goose-neck lights, bullet lights, flood lights, back lighting and existing outdoor fixtures or landscape lighting.

These lighting types should be considered when designing your sign as they can add a lot of design value. For instance, the goose-neck lights for DeSo was chosen because it most closely matched business’s brand and the surrounding building signs.

Lighted Signs – Are they right for you?

Taking these things into consideration is important when deciding whether or not you want to look into lighted signs for your business. But in the end, there is no replacement for the advice of a knowledgeable sign professional.

As an experienced sign company, we can work with you to determine the best types of signs for your business by doing on-site surveys to determine placement and size. We can then give you an accurate quote for your specific needs and work with you to find the best options for your budget and goals.

Give us a call today to get a free quote and see what is possible for your business.