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Standoffs – Why do we use them on signs?

Pinnacle frequently uses standoffs when installing signage for our clients. These small devices create a professional finish and a clean impression for guests.

This type of sign installation is used in office settings, public buildings, restaurants, and multi-family settings. It is often the detail of the standoffs that set these signs apart.

Clear acrylic signs that use standoffs make a greater impact.

What are sign standoffs?

Standoffs are used as a hardware options for hanging a sign through holes that are drilled. These screws are what attach to your sign and then to the wall to create separation between the actual sign and the wall itself.  The separation can create a great three-dimensional affect that is more pleasing and looks professional.

These small fasteners are round in nature and are usually made of aluminum or brass. These fasteners can be finished in brushed chrome, nylon, anodized and nickel.   

Once a client decides on the use of standoffs, they become part of the actual design.  That way we can coordinate the finish of the standoffs and the location of the drilled holes during the design process.

how do sign standoffs work

Why use standoffs in custom signs?

Deciding what your sign should look like is only half the battle when it comes to sign production.  The location and installation also matter. When the location allows – such as flat surfaces and interior walls – standoffs can add flare to what would otherwise be a fairly generic sign.

Standoffs also add support to signs by providing a secure mechanism for hanging the sign instead of adhesives or hangers.  This method can often be seen on signs installed in reception areas, directories, or room identification signs.  We have also used these in menu signage for restaurants.

How to Design with Standoffs?

Standoffs work best when you use multiple fasteners on the same sign. When you design a sign with standoffs, you incorporate the drilled holes that will be used to insert the standoffs.

The most common way to design a sign with standoffs is to incorporate drilled holes in the four corners of a square or rectangle backed sign. If the design of the sign is not rectangular in nature, then selecting locations that evenly balanced out the weight of the sign is suggested.

Menu board signs can use standoffs to give a clean crisp look

Variations for locations include:

  • Each Corner
  • Top Corners
  • Top Corners & bottom center
  • Top & bottom center
  • Equal Distribution for Custom Designs

How are signs with standoffs installed?

Our team will use a level to line up the holes with the sign location and place light marks on the wall where the sign is being installed. Small drill holes are then placed in the wall where we will insert the anchor.

Next, the standoff is placed over the anchor and the screw is drilled into the back. Once in place, the sign with pre-drilled holes is held over the previously mounted standoffs.  A plastic washer is located between the end of the standoff and the back of the sign for protection. Finally, the cap is screwed into the standoff housing to complete the installation.

Which sign materials work best with standoffs?

There are a few sign materials where standoffs work really well and add to the look of the material.

When choosing a brushed aluminum or acrylic sign for company logos, directories, or other interior signs adding standoffs can really elevate the basic look.  A few ideas about types of signs where they work include:

Acyrlic standoff signs can make better use of lighting by using a backlit
  • Aluminum Signs
  • Brushed Aluminum Signs
  • Rigid Plastic Signs
  • Acrylic Signs
  • Acrylic and Metallic Photos Prints

Examples of custom signs with standoffs.

We frequently use standoffs for our internal signage installations for clients like Workout Anytime who uses them in their corporate brand standards for their circular signs. 

Workout Anytime also uses a backlit circular signage and clear acrylic to mount posters in some of their locations that incorporate standoff installation.

Lobby signs often use standoffs

Another example is found in traditional lobby signs where we highlight numerous businesses on one sign like this example from Charter Global that uses both corner and center standoffs to secure their signage.

Our client Charter Global recently used standoffs to create a company directory sign.  This gave them the ability to interchange names and emphasize the employees with a professional look.

How to Get Started

Pinnacle has worked with many clients to find the right professional look and feel that is specific to their business. If you company is considering adding additional signage and would like more information on acrylic, aluminum, or other three-dimensional signage options – give us a call.  We are here to help and offer complimentary consultations on any of your projects.