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Helping a Franchise to Open a New Location with a Channel Letter Sign

Randy Clevenger who currently owns two franchise locations of WorkOut Anytime Fitness contacted us to see if we could help them out with a location about 10 minutes from our facility. They were taking over four suites in a Publix shopping center which had very different elevations.  When they first contacted us, they asked us to help with the channel letter sign they needed to identify the new location.

LED Channel Letters | Building Channel Letters

WorkOut Anytime’s philosophy is “With today’s busy lives, the major obstacle to staying fit is not motivation — it’s convenience”. It’s hard to find time in your day to workout. That’s why WorkOut Anytime has developed a proven way to make fitness easy and convenient:

  • Their clubs are close to home.
  • Parking is never a hassle with easy in, easy out.
  • Cost is never a barrier. A membership costs less than getting the newspaper.
  • Best of all, you can work out anytime — when it’s best for your busy schedule.

The key to this project was to maximize the size of the wall sign and still make it fit within the sign ordinances for the City of Braselton. After several renditions of the sign, we arrived at a final design of the sign that met these criteria.Shopping Center Marquee | Shopping Mall Marquee

One requirement for the sign was that it had to be made of individually mounted letters, rather than them being mounted on a raceway. While this was not a restriction by the city, it was required by the owner of the shopping center. This is a great example of why it is important to not only be aware of the sign code for the local jurisdiction, but also to be conscious of the landlord’s sign requirements.

After getting the “green light” from all parties, we then started working to obtain a permit from the City of Braselton. While waiting on the permit approval, we put up their logos on the tenant marquee signs and gave them a “Coming Soon” banner to display so that it got people excited about the new fitness facility.

Once we had the letters manufactured we coordinated the install and had the sign up well before their grand opening. We enjoyed working with a new franchise and hope to work with Randy and his team in the future as they expand across the Atlanta market.