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Using a Vehicle Wrap as a Creative Way to Advertise for a Jewelry Store

In the past we have always shared that the vehicle wraps are, hands down, one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business, particularly in Atlanta where traffic can be horrendous.  Just think of how many hours a week you sit in it, and how many vehicles you see while sitting there.  One recent trend we’ve been seeing is companies buying an older van, wrapping it and then parking it in their parking lot by the side of the road where the most traffic is driving by.

This allows for additional visibility over and above their tenant slot on the shopping center’s entry sign(s), creating a virtual billboard that gets the business noticed while merely sitting there.  And, just like any other vehicle wrap or graphics, it also gives them the opportunity to advertise their business as they are conducting their day-to-day business.

Van Wrap | Company Vehicle Wraps | BusinessTruck WrapsIn October, Jeff Alexander of Alexander’s of Atlanta Jewelers contacted us about a van wrap. This was a great referral from a longtime friend, David Alexander, that we had the pleasure of working with before we opened our company.

Jeff’s ambition is to be the finest and most respected jeweler in the Atlanta area. To that end, their company philosophy demands a strong commitment to the high standard of quality and service which one would expect from a fine jewelry establishment.

Custom Van Wraps Cost | Custom Truck Wrap CostsThey assure their customers that their transactions with them will be honest, ethical, helpful, and professional, and that the products and services which they provide will meet the highest measures of quality.

We began working on designs for Jeff once we knew what type of vehicle he was purchasing. His idea was to put very large graphics of fine jewelry and fine diamonds on the van, in addition with the company contact information.

We all thought it sounded like a great idea and were excited to start creating the design.  However, since most jewelry images are so small, it took several weeks to try to find the right images of jewelry that showed the fine details while providing a clear enough image when it was blown up to 6 feet to put it on the side of the van. Once that was accomplished, things fell into place pretty quickly and we were able to design, print, and install the wrap.

One doesn’t often think about using a wrapped work van for a jewelry store; however, Jeff is thinking outside the box as far as his business is concerned, and is using it to park outside of his Toco Hill establishment, providing a billboard for his business to gain recognition while it is both parked and driving the Atlanta streets.