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Choosing the Right Window Graphics for Your Business

Window Graphics are not a new way for businesses to dress up glass window and doors.  There are many different types and varieties of window graphics available to customers.  The right solution for your business will be determined by the desired effect these graphics should provide.

Frosted Vinyl Applications

Window Graphics - Frosted VinylOne type of decorative window film we often use on windows is called frosted or etched vinyl, which allows us to create the illusion of glass that has been frosted or etched, at a much lower price than actually having custom etched glass.

Sometimes, we use this application to create a sense of privacy.  At Confirmatrix Laboratories, in Lawrenceville, Tracy Youngblood-Wingate asked us to apply frosted vinyl to all of their exterior doors and some of the office windows inside of the suites. The purpose was to create a translucent look, allowing light to come in but creating privacy. This was particularly important in the lawyers’ offices.

Etched Vinyl ApplicationsIn this job, we completely covered the windows, with no additional graphics.

In most instances, however, we will cut the vinyl in one of two ways:  either cut a design out of the vinyl and apply the cut vinyl to the window, or the opposite, where you cut the design out, leaving the majority of the window frosted, leaving the area with the logo/design clear.

Occasionally, businesses will use this vinyl, rather than plain white vinyl on their office doors to show their hours of operation or any specific information about their business.  We did this at two offices for Elchahal Orthodontics, both in Johns Creek and Dacula.

Custom Full-Color Graphics

Dentristy for Children & Family Ortho window graphicsSometimes customers want to create a custom graphic to apply to an outside window like we recently did for Dentistry for Children and Family Orthodontics. This can be done using many different materials as well.

If you would like a graphic where the customers inside the building can see outside with no obstruction, you would use perforated vinyl like the two graphics to the left of the door.  This type of vinyl has small holes in it that allow you to see through it on one side, but allows the graphics to be seen on the other side.

But, if you are not concerned with people being able to see out of the windows, then you might consider a static cling, or white backed vinyl like the pictures on the right.

Guide One Insurance Window Graphics

Window “Banners”

As the saying goes, sometimes “less is more”.  One easy way to let customers know the services you provide are to use very simple, yet bold graphics to create “banners” across all your windows that identify the ways you can help your customers.

We recently helped Guide One Insurance in Suwanee in this way.  We added vinyl to the bottom of their windows to advertise the different types of insurance they are selling: home, auto, renters and umbrella. Doing this, added context to the existing signage that Allison Foskey and Joy Booth already had at their agency.

Each option has its advantages and costs. It is important to consult with a sign professional in order to determine the right window graphics for your business.

Full Color Vinyl Printer and Cutter

Pinnacle Custom Signs has the ability to do just about any full color vinyl application including full color decals, window graphics or full color decals. Call us for a free quote or fill out our quote form and one of our professional sign associates will contact you.