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School Signs Are Just as Important as Business Signs

When thinking about commercial signage, one often thinks mostly about businesses.  However, signage is also important for schools at all levels of education: from preschool & day care all the way to colleges and universities.

In August and September we had the opportunity to help four different schools get ready for the upcoming school year.  Each of the projects had different types of signs, each providing diverse solutions.

Sign Repairs for two Atlanta Public Schools High SchoolsDimensional Letter Repair | Diminsional Lettering

Just before the school year began, Doug Dubay from Atlanta Public Schools asked us to replace several signs at Fredrick Douglass High School that had been broken or torn down over the last few years.  This project required multiple sign faces that needed room numbers and Braille.  Click here to read more about this project.

Shortly after that, Doug asked us to repair a sign at Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy where some of the dimensional letters identifying the school had fallen off.  We used routed black PVC to create the missing letters and made the sign look as good as new.

ADA Sign Lenses & Replacement Sign FacesRoom Identification ADA Signs for the Georgia State University’s Renovation Team

Luvert Holt from the Georgia State University renovation department recently asked us to help him with a project creating custom room identification numbers with windows.  The new signs needed to match existing signs they had on their campus, in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

These signs, like those done for Fredrick Douglas High School, allowed for giving a changeable room a specific designation over and above the room number.  However, these did not use sign faces that had removable lenses.

Rather they were assembled using three layers of materials:

  • ADA Room Signs | ADA Compliant SignageA gray face made of plastic which had a window cut out and held the tactile room numbers and Braille,
  • A non-glare clear acrylic, and
  • A bottom layer of clear acrylic.

The two layers of clear acrylic allows for an insert to be placed between them to specify the room name.

After completing this project, we then had the opportunity to help with several dimensional letter projects as well as other ADA signs.

Outdoor School Signs for Four Seasons Montessori School

School Building Signs | School Monument SignageIn June, we started to work with Joye Woodruff who was in the process of opening a new school, Four Seasons Montessori School, in Buford.  Like any other business, her new building needed an exterior sign as well as a monument sign on the street letting people know where the school is.

In the process, we worked with Joye through design elements with her and helped with the appropriate permits.  The building sign was a routed poly-metal sign with vinyl graphics.  The monument sign was made using MDO (Medium Density Overlay) panel with vinyl graphics and letter tracks that allow them to add important messages to passersby.

Finally, when she was just about ready to open and realized she needed some ADA signs for her Certificate of Occupancy, we were able to turn those around quickly because of our new Gravograph machine.

So, you see, school signs are just as important as business signs.  If you need custom signs for your school, give us a call for a free consultation to help you design signs that fit your school’s need.