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Church on The Hill

Before shot of the Church on The Hill monument sign. June 2021

Church on The Hill has been on campus for a little over 60 years. They’ve gone through multiple changes in terms of signage and things of that nature.

About four or five years ago, they completely redid everything from font to colors. Their original monument sign was 9 feet wide and 6 feet tall. The monument sign was a pierce-faced aluminum cabinet and internally illuminated. However, it was so small that cars passing by at 55 miles per hour couldn’t even recognize the sign. Church on The Hill is on Highway 20 (Buford Drive) in Sugar Hill. They have about half a mile in terms of road frontage and a small sign.

People at the Church were not happy with their monument sign. “You felt like you had to stop to see it. We just were not happy with the sign. It’s always been a bone of contention.” said Wes Walker, DCO at Church on The Hill.

Fast forward to the present, and the Church decided to become a multicultural church.

Therefore, with Spanish being the predominant second language, they had to redo all signage. Walker reached out to four different sign companies and was impressed with Pinnacle’s custom service.

“The thing that stuck out for me with Pinnacle was the response time. I contacted four companies, one that we’d use prior and three brand new Pinnacle being one of them. Stephen made contact within 36 hours or less. I found out that I was going to be a high priority. It didn’t matter what I was going to do. I got the contact. I instantly felt like I became the number one customer for Pinnacle.” – Wes Walker DCO Church on The Hill

Sugar Hill needed the main monument sign, four directional monument signs, two porticoes with entrance signs, and directional signage. Along with other miscellaneous projects such as branding throughout the Church using their mountain logo.

The first step in the project was replacing the original monument.

The first thing Stephen did was reach out to the city of Sugar Hill and see how big they would allow the sign to be. This impressed Walker even more, “His word was let me go to the city. Let’s talk about what we can do. He presented our case, I never was involved. He presented the case to the city. The city came back and told us we qualify for the big one go for three times the size.”

We decided to make the sign 26 feet wide and went with channel letters on the front and back of the sign.

Channel Letters typically are found on the side of buildings. Because of the 100,000 square feet in gross property space, they were allowed up to 200 square feet of signage per side of the site. The size of the property allowed us to create a sign of this size. Signs this size increases visibility both during the day and night. The contrast of white and black draws the eye in and away from the natural elements. The sign allows for more visibility not only from all eastbound traffic but also westbound traffic.

“You can’t miss us now. You can see us from a mile away.” Wes Walker DCO Church on The Hill

This is the first of many projects for Church on The Hill. A business relationship is blossoming all because of a quick response to a customer’s inquiry.

From Left to Right – Portico Entrance Sign, Directional Monument Sign, Main Entrance Monument Sign.