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Directional Signs & Building Signs Show Churchgoers the Way

McKendree United Methodist Church in Lawrenceville was looking to make its campus easier to navigate for guests and newcomers.  The church had grown over the course of almost 100 years to include numerous buildings in addition to the original sanctuary.

Because of this, finding the individual buildings was getting to be more difficult.  One way of helping fix this situation was to add some directional signs to guide people in getting to the right place and some building signs to identify which building was which.

Directional Sign | Church signsThe church is a welcoming sanctuary that invites all to “come worship with us”. They currently occupy three facilities for worship, education and fellowship across a rather large campus.

The community at McKendree has grown since 1984, in both membership and spirituality.  It now supports a wide variety of church ministries, some 20 Scouting organizations and a Preschool that teaches over 200 students.

With all this going on, if one doesn’t know the campus very well, as any newcomer might not, it would be very easy to get lost. For this reason, they wanted direct people in finding the building where they needed to be.

We started to work with the John Gilbreath, a member of their board, on several ideas to help them out.  They were looking for a very basic design, but also an upscale look that would not give the appearance of being temporary signs.  Another requirement they had was to be able to change out the signs over time.

Directional Sign | Church Signs After some brainstorming with the Pinnacle team, we came up with a solution which included black aluminum ornamental posts with a decorative dome-shaped cap at the top. We then used blade-shaped poly-metal directional signs attached to the poles via “O” rings, like your typical street sign.

Inter-Changeable Directional Signs

The “O” rings allowed for us to customize the angle around the post that the blades used to identify the buildings’ directions. The poly-metal was covered with a digital print showing the building name and an arrow pointing the way. These can be easily changed in the future should the need arise.Building Marker Signs | Directional Church Signs

As part of this project, they also wanted to clearly identify each of the buildings.  There were also a number of ideas we explored to do this, but, in the end, we opted for simple poly-metal building signs with digital prints and laminate.

We kept the design for these signs simple, matching the appearance of the directional signs, creating a consistent look and feel. The result of the church sign project was a cost-effective solution for the church that created a nice look for the congregation and newcomers alike.

Whenever you have a “campus” of buildings, be it a school, business or church, it is important to keeping people from getting lost and going to the wrong place, which can be very frustrating. Directional signs are one way to solve this problem and help one to find the way!

We can create indoor directional diy signs that are compliant with your ordinances in your area.