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Upgrading Subdivision Signage – Evergreen Home Owners Association

Do you live in a neighborhood that has been around for a while? Does the entrance sign and a few of the amenities signs look faded, or in some cases are unreadable? No need to worry because these old signs can always be fixed or replaced to give your subdivision signage a new, welcoming, and inviting look.

Upgrade Subdivision SignsWe were approached by the Evergreen Home Owners Association from Dacula, GA in June of this year to revamp the signs that they have at their amenities area. The signs were the original signs that were installed when the neighborhood was developed some 15 years ago. A few of them were so worn that you could not even make out the text of the sign. (See picture on the right.)

We were contacted by the Treasurer of the subdivision, Michelle Fitzsimmons, to come review what they currently had and then propose an upgrade for them. Most of the signs were small metal signs warning of security surveillance, no lifeguard on duty, etc.

They did, however, have one large sign that listed the rules for the amenities area. The original sign face on this sign was made of wood with a print on it, secured to wooden posts and set in the ground. The condition of the sign had deteriorated to the point where we recommended that they do away with the wooden posts, and put in a vinyl post system.

Amenities Signage | Evergreen Homeowner's Association | Dacula, GAThese vinyl systems are a great replacement for traditional wooden systems because they are able to withstand the elements without deteriorating longer than wooden posts. By using them, the HOA should not have the same problem 15 years down the road.

In addition to changing out the posts, we changed the sign face to one made of metal instead of wood, which would also contribute to the longevity of the sign face. Here, we applied a digital print with laminate to keep the print from fading with time.

The smaller warning signs mentioned above were also made using a laminated digital prints mounted on metal backers.  We also changed the design on these just a bit so they had a consistent look with larger sign.

After having the approval on all of the signs, we scheduled the installation with our team and upgraded the look of the whole amenities area. Now the neighborhood has signage that gives the community a fresh and professional look that is appealing to both current and future residents.