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Monument Signs vs Pylon Signs

Monument Sign vs Pylon Sign

Are you familiar with the difference between monument signs and pylon signs? While these terms are often interchangeable, they refer to two distinct types of signs that differ in their basic structural design. In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into each type of sign and explore its unique features. Regardless of the differences, one thing is clear – both monument and pylon signs serve the same essential purpose of identifying a location.

A monument sign is an identification sign that sits at ground level. It identifies the occupants of a building and whether it’s a single business or has multiple tenants in a retail center.

A Single Tenant and Multi Tenant Monument Sign
Monument signs serve as a marker for a specific location, such as Mavis Tires and Brakes (left), which has approximately 60 locations across Atlanta. Depending on the local regulations, these locations may feature a monument sign near the street to aid in their identification.

Unlike pylon signs, which rely on elevation, monument signs are a type of outdoor signage that are typically located at ground level, making them ideal for catching the attention of both drivers and pedestrians.

Essentially serving as a monument for your brand, these signs provide a prominent and eye-catching display of your business. Many monument signs feature illuminated lettering and graphics, making them an ideal form of advertising in high-traffic areas.

Designing a Monument Sign

Georgia Prosthodontics Monument (left) located in Duluth near Gas South Arena on Sugarloaf Parkway matches the areas more modern and upscale aesthetic. Meanwhile, Tallulah & Wander (right) fit nicely
Georgia Prosthodontics Monument (left) located in Duluth near Gas South Arena on Sugarloaf Parkway matches the areas more modern and upscale aesthetic. Meanwhile, Tallulah & Wander (right) fit nicely

When designing a monument sign for a single building with only one tenant, it helps to ensure the style of the signage matches that of the building. For instance, a brick monument sign would be a great choice if the exterior of the building is also brick. On the other hand, if the building has a more upscale or modern aesthetic, the signage should match.

A well-designed monument sign can be a powerful marketing tool.

Pylon Sign Examples

Pylon signs are well-known for their impressive stature and unique design, making them a popular choice for outdoor signage. Pylon signs typically consist of a tall pole with a sign positioned at the top and are frequently employed to highlight the presence of businesses and services. In addition to their towering presence, pylon signs often feature exposed aluminum, giving them a sleek look.

Pylon signs designed to be seen from the hiyway.

Pylon signs are commonly seen along highways, often towering over 150 feet in the air. You’ll typically see a single business advertised on each pylon sign, with well-known examples including DQ and Buc-ees.

Their primary use is for advertising, but pylon signs can also serve as landmarks, helping travelers navigate their way to their destination.

Pylon sign located in Buckhead Georgia
HAVERTS Buckhead, Georgia located on Peachtree Road

Apart from their prevalent use along highways, pylon signs are also in shopping centers. These signs come in various forms, with some featuring a single pole and sign on top, while others have multiple signs arranged in a column. For instance, Haverty’s might have its prominent signage situated at the top of the pole, while the signage of other establishments is beneath it.

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Other times they may have two poles with a box or light boxes in between. Pylon signs in shopping centers are an effective way for businesses to stand out and attract foot traffic, as they can be seen from a distance and showcase multiple businesses.

The main difference between a monument sign and a pylon sign is its structural features.

different signs are needed in different areas, from industrial area, residential homes, mixed zoning areas. You also should think about double sided
MIDGARD Self Storage Boat & RV Storage Gainesville, Georgia (Left) Monument Sign. MIDGARD Self Storage Eastanollee, Georgia (Right) Pylon Sign.