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Monument Signs

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What is a Monument Sign?

Monument signs a common business sign style, typically mark the locations of businesses or organizations, and a strategically positioned monument sign can be the difference between someone driving by or stopping to visit.

Church on the Hill Monument Sign is located on Highway 20 in Buford. Illuminated with LED

Usually, monument signs are at ground level to catch the attention of drivers or passers-by. Contrary to pylon signs which use elevation to be seen. They are large and constructed of durable materials, like brick or metal. Think of them as a monument providing outdoor advertising for your brand. With illuminated lettering and graphic these lighted display outside your store or building.

Commercial monument signs consist of a large structure, landscaping elements, and a large sign face. Business owners include information such as the business’s logo, name, tagline, and even a business directory.

A monument sign can be incredibly noticeable from a distance, which makes it a popular sign choice.

What are the benefits of a Monument Sign?

Monarch Villas – Night Hawk Equity

Visibility – A monument sign is indeed an important part of any business or association. Adding monument signage to your space will increase visibility from the road. It is the first thing customers see when they pull up to the structure, and it can be a valuable marketing tool. They’re a fantastic way to promote your company and draw in guests.

When you want more visibility from the road, a monument sign is a worthwhile addition to your space.

Dental Implant & Reconstructive Center – Pierce Faced Monument Sign – Property Located on Sugarloaf Parkway next to Gas South Arena

Durability – Monument signs are made to withstand the elements and be used for a long time, ensuring that your message is displayed for a long time.

They provide a fantastic ROI over the long term due to their long lifespan.

Marketing – A monument sign is a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week advertisement for the business. Your customers will likely see your business multiple times during the week, so you should utilize signage to draw their attention and let them know about your business.

Where is the best place to put a monument sign?

Highlands Outpost Pierce Faced Monument Sign Installation. – Located in the Beautiful Scaly Mountains.

Several factors play into this question, including the type of monument sign, the location, the surrounding landscape, and the purpose of the monument sign.

Meadows Surgical Arts Monument Sign – At the Corner of Mall of Georgia Blvd. and Woodward Crossing Blvd.

In most cases, monument signs are installed near business entrances because of their low profile. With this plan, your sign will be at eye level, and passersby can see it when traveling by.

Can there be more than one business on a monument sign?

Multi-tenant monument signs are large, freestanding signs that contain multiple signage cabinets for individual tenants.

Often, you’ll find them in malls, shopping centers, office buildings, or other types of developments that feature an array of tenants that need signage.

A major benefit of multi-tenant signs is each panel is its own creation, which means they’re highly customizable.

Windemere Community Neighborhood Sign – Located on the corner of Highway 20 & Windermere Parkway in Cumming.

You can use monument signs for more than just commercial purposes.

They also make gorgeous neighborhood entrance signs. Neighborhood entrance signs are a fantastic way to deliver the first impression. Similar to a business, a neighborhood entrance sign gives a glimpse into what the community represents.

The Oaks at Lake Lanier Neighborhood Sign – Highway 20 Buford.

They can be elaborate or simple and elegant. Either way can make a statement for your community.

Monuments, Sign Solutions, and Examples provided

Let us work with you to design your custom Monument Sign.

A well-designed and executed sign gives the impression of quality and permanence like no other sign can. Our team of designers and fabricators on location in our shop are ready to work with you to determine the best solution that will work for you! If your business needs sign design or is in transition and needs a vinyl sign or banner, we provide a wide variety of products and services. We can even email you example of features and designs. Our goal is to help companies promote their business name.

Stats and Facts

  • Monument signs are typically made out of stone, brick, stucco, or metal.
  • They can be illuminated or non-illuminated.
  • Monument signs can be freestanding or attached to a building.
  • The most popular type of monument sign is the blade sign.
  • Blade signs are typically made out of metal and are attached to a building.