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New Outdoor Signs Signal that Spring Break is right around the Corner

Banners for Six Flags Over GeorgiaPinnacle was recently contacted by Kristi Keister at Six Flags Over Georgia for a quote to create new entrance signs for the park’s facilities.  Stephen followed back up with Kristi and continued work with her until we could meet with her onsite to discuss the full depth of what Six Flags needed to refresh the look of the location. 

The marketing team for Six Flags is busy trying to prepare for the opening of the park for the 2017 season and needed some help on freshening up the look of entrance points for park visitors.

Onsite Consultation

Old Sign Cabinet for WhiteWaterWhen on site, Kristi mentioned how grateful she was for our continual follow up because she had experienced difficulty from other sign companies not wanting to respond to her request and reluctance to actually do an onsite visit. We learned while on the site that the in-house sign shop for the company was mainly focused on sign maintenance and not full replacement with new graphics.  We were happy to help out the marketing team at Six Flags so we submitted our bid and ultimately made the right impression through customer service.

Outside Signage

The work for Six Flags consisted of entry banners that could be interchanged throughout the year to celebrate the history of the Georgia location.   Our team began the process of producing mesh banners which can be changed throughout the season to showcase different events going on at the park. The banners show different decades as the park grew.

Corroded Frame for Sign at WhiteWater

The Follow Up

After winning the bid for Six Flags Over Georgia, Kristi called us back and asked us to come out and take a look at Six Flags White Water’s main sign.  The faces of the sign had become worn out and needed to be fixed.  After going out to examine the existing site, we were able to determine that the entire sign was dated and needed to be overhauled.

We worked with Trevor from the White Water Location and Kristi to get the approval needed to start the second project. We started by removing the old, dated, rugged sign faces off the existing structure.  Then we restored the sign cabinets by applying new paint while also painting the posts, frame, and pylons.  While replacing the old faces, we were also able to update the lighting from older fluorescent bulbs to new LED lighting.

Completed Outdoor Pylon Sign for WhiteWaterSpring Break

So if you are making plans for this years spring break and staying around Atlanta, make sure you take the time to check out the new signage as you head toward a day filled with adrenaline and sunscreen!

Got a large sign project where you need help?  We will gladly do a site visit to ensure you get the best service possible.