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Welcome to Winder Workout Anytime! Corporate Branding through Signage

Workout Anytime is one of Pinnacle Custom Signs national partners.  Our office handles production and installations for locations across the United States to ensure continuity in design and production.

We work with sign installation partners in many different states after production to make sure the new locations are ready to go when the doors open.  However, we recently got to complete the entire process at the newest Workout Anytime in Winder, GA.

The Process

Each location has a set of sign standards guided by corporate branding and determined by local sign requirements.  After determining which of these sign standards meet the specifics for the location, we begin the process of creating the signage necessary.

The most important sign in any process for a new Workout Anytime location is often their outside channel letters because it announces the new location to those who travel by the location. In the case of Workout Anytime Winder – it provides great visible branding to customers in the local shopping center that is anchored by Walmart.

Sign Installation Prepartion for Workout Anytime Winder, GAThe Installation

Once we get the clearance to install the sign and the sign has been fabricated we schedule installation.  When we work with new locations outside the state, we source that work to a trusted vendor partner who can installed the sign in a timely manner.

However, in the case of Winder, the entire process from creation to install was done by the team at Pinnacle.  When we can complete the entire process it continues to give us appreciation for those who do sign installs for our company across the country.

The Challenges

This install was like many we deal with in a corporate build out environment.  Two of our guys – Bryan and David- went out to install the signage and had to become a little resourceful in the installation.

On the day we installed the signs, the weather had dropped 30 degrees and the wind was not to our advantage.  It makes it a bit more difficult when lifting the sign in a bucket truck when mother nature is not playing nice.

Increasing the difficulty was the need to work around the roll off container that was in front of the new location to help with keeping the build out process clean.  The guys had to adjust the bucket truck’s angle a couple of different times to make sure they were installing the sign correctly and keeping themselves at a safe distance in the process.

Installing channel letters is a skill that our team has developed over time.  The entire process is usually around two hours from beginning to end to make sure that the appropriate brackets, wiring, and location on the building are in order.

Check out this short video to learn more about the install process for Workout Anytime Winder.

The Final Product

Although the location is not complete, the channel letters are now installed to assist the Workout Anytime Winder staff in driving new sign-ups for this location before opening.  Pinnacle will be back out on site in the coming weeks to install wall graphics, window graphics, and other branding for the company before their Grand Opening.

Driving anywhere around the Winder, GA area and you will already start to see coro signs announcing the arrival.  The RV out front is where they are signing people up before the doors open that is decked with two banners promoting the new location.

All these signs do a great job to provide brand recognition for Workout Anytime.  However, the channel letter sign out front finally provides the location with branding that can be seen from father away.  And even though the doors aren’t yet open, we hope the sign will help more people enter those doors on opening day.

Want to learn more about their new location?  Check them out here on Facebook or Online.