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Office & ADA Signs for New Building at Georgia State University

Over the course of the last year, we have worked on many projects at Georgia State University (GSU), working primarily with both their renovation and construction departments. The projects consisted primarily of providing them with custom interior ADA signs as well as, more recently, brushed aluminum dimensional letters identifying the various departments on campus, giving them a professional look.

In January of this year, Stephen was working on a job with the construction department and their supervisor, Lachlan Patterson, mentioned a large project they would be working on over the summer. They had recently acquired five floors of the old SunTrust building at 1 Park Place that would need signage once the renovations were completed.

For those unfamiliar with GSU, it is a university in the heart of downtown Atlanta, occupying floors of multiple downtown buildings as well as their own buildings.
Lachlan’s team is responsible for making sure that once the renovations are complete, they have the proper GSU sign standards.  In July, we got a call from Todd Muraski with Abion Scaccia, the company that was doing the renovation work for the new building and was coordinating the University’s signage to go on these new floors.
After reviewing the floor plans and the list of signs received from Lachlan’s office, we  determined there were several types of signs that would be required:

Changeable ADA Signs with Windows

These are standard 8″ x 8″ ADA signs produced for GSU that have raised numbers with Braille to indicate the room (or cubicle) number and have a clear window.  These windows allow for a paper insert to identify the classroom or faculty office.  This type of solution allows GSU to move offices, classrooms and cubicles without having to purchase new signage every time there is a change.

Permanent Room ADA Signs and Names

These signs were created for other rooms that had a permanent function such as copy rooms, electrical rooms, conference rooms and the such.  These signs were created similar to the ADA signs described above but did not have windows for changing the room names.  These had dimensions of 8″ x 10″ and had tactile letters to identify the room.

Departmental Identification Signs

These identification signs were needed to identify where various departments were housed in the newly renovated space.  There were two different types of these signs created depending on the characteristics of the space they were to be installed:

      • Two of the departments required Dimensional Letters made from Black PVC with a Brushed Silver veneer.  For the  Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, these were installed on a wooden wall, giving a very rich look to the office.  For the Department of English, we installed the letters on the front of a wooden reception desk.
      • Frosted Vinyl on Glass was used to identify the Department of Computer Science and Department of University Communication using a specialty vinyl that gives the appearance off frosted glass without the expense.

Changeable ADA Signs with Windows | Permanent Room ADA Signs and Names | Departmental Identification Signs

As the project worked to a close there were a couple of additional signs that were needed. The whole project brought GSU into five floors of a new building just in time for the start of the school year. We hope that all the students at GSU will have a great school year and find their way around the new building.