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Here at Pinnacle Custom Signs, we focus on three things when looking at a customer.

  • DEMOGRAPHIC – Service Companies with Fleet, Other Sign Companies, Commercial Property Management Companies, Franchisors or Companies that have multiple locations, Education
  • GEOGRAPHIC – North Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and Nationwide for Franchisors & Multi-location customers.
  • PSYCHOGRAPHIC – More concerned with quality than price and want a turnkey solution.

On this project, we worked with property management companies. To gain full trust with them and develop a relationship from small signs into large projects.

Monument sign for multiple business properties.

One example, is we’ve been working with Lincoln Property Company for about eight years and started off doing just post and panel signs for them. That evolved into doing indoor suite signs, and monument signs. The monument sign in Kennesaw was about 35 feet tall and 10 feet wide, and just an enormous project. We are currently working on another one with them.

Now, each of these companies also has different facets such as construction and building management. So we work from developing a relationship with a small item over the years into bigger projects. Now we’ve done the same with a couple of other customers including Stream.

Stream, we started with one ADA sign, worked our way up with developing a relationship and gaining that trust. And we just completed a $25,000 job for them at the interlock in Midtown.

Directional and time sensitive signs can be used to announce events. Helping Property Management companies engage the community on location.

They wanted to see graphics advertising their spaces for lease and be easily legible. Instead of having empty windows, they wanted the windows to pop around the property. As you drive through Midtown, you can easily read, and say “Hey, I want to lease here, this is up and coming. This is a great development.”

Our property management companies could be those management companies that have buildings all over Atlanta or buildings all over the United States. They could also be companies that have multiple locations of apartment complexes. One example would be Venterra Realty, we started with them locally and did a couple of small projects. Then evolved into entire apartment rebrands.

Monument sign at the entrance of location

We specialize in being able to have something for the customer throughout the entire process. It starts with the initial meeting and property walk-thru. The information from the walk-thru is relayed to one of our three full-time designers. The designers will put together proofs, and our sales staff will then put together pricing for the customer. One of our uniques’ is our velocity, getting things turned around back to the customer quickly. We enjoy working with property management companies.

various types of property signs