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Knight & Associates is a repeat customer from about six years ago, in 2015. They came to us looking for a lobby sign for their new practice opening in Tucker, Georgia. They wanted something bold to stand out. Being new, they couldn’t go too crazy. We started their first lobby sign with dimensional one-inch-thick PVC to give it some real depth on the wall and make it stand out that they were part of Primerica.

Primerica logo, A lobby sign in Tucker GA

Joshua Knight reached out to me in February of 2021, asking if we could help move his sign and create something for his new lobby. He would be moving up onto the fourth floor from the third floor.

We started brainstorming ideas thinking, do we want to do it lighted, do we want to do it small do we want to do it big. Joshua had a 20-foot wall where he wanted to make a statement that says I’m here, I’ll be here for ten years, and I’m here to serve you as a customer. Joshua and I went back and forth to figure out what would make this statement bold and stick out to the customer. We start with the two-foot logo, which scaled out to be about 10 feet wide, and it wasn’t big enough. We continued to size our way up and landed on a four-foot-wide logo, which then scaled out to about 18 feet wide of a sign.

Edge Lighting for logo signs

Logo Signs with LEDs

Now, this isn’t normal for a lobby sign. This size generally is that of a building sign. After we got the size, we determined that we wanted to do something new and fresh that we had just started at Pinnacle. The Edge Lighting consists of using one-inch thick acrylic, putting a channel in it, and having LEDs light from the side. We use an aluminum face to block the light out of the front, and then the edge lights up and gives a real nice halo glow. We talked about doing a white halo and then landed on doing an RGB halo, which would give them more colors to select. 

They can change for said holidays, or just what kind of mood he was in for the day. The project consisted of a lobby sign, frosted vinyl, and suite graphics for associates. Check out the install video!

A Logo Sign in the Lobby of Primerica in Tucker GA
Business logo signature and branding