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Restoring a Monumental Entrance Sign for the Windermere Development

The Windermere Neighborhood is a large community located in Cumming, Georgia. Within the larger neighborhood, there are over 15 smaller subdivisions within the development.

Aaron from FS Residential – the property management association for the Windermere Community – contacted Pinnacle back in April of 2019 to come out and take a look at the community entrance signs. Stephen went out and met with Aaron onsite to discuss updating the signage throughout the community.

Restoring and Improving Subdivision Signs Throughout

The old Windermere entrance sign for their community.
The old entrance sign for Windermere.

Since the community is now over 20 years old, one of the discussion points was to update the overall look of the subdivision entrance signs.  Additionally, the community expressed adding lighting to the areas that showcase the different subdivision names to clearly identify them during day and night.

After speaking with Forsyth County Government to verify sign regulations and permitting, Stephen determined the best way to make the signage pop would be using LED push through acrylic cabinets. The team would install them in place of the old signage panels, keeping consistent throughout.

Starting with the Entrance Sign For the Community

In addition, Aaron asked the Pinnacle Team about overhauling the main development entrance signage at the corner of Hwy 20 and Windermere Parkway. This structure featured an old stone wall with 3 large metal leaves installed behind the stone. The actual signage was a small aluminum sign that read “Windermere” along with the builder name underneath that was installed onto of the stone surface in monument style fashion.

The community and property management team decided that this needed a large overhaul. Aaron and Stephen discussed adding another level of height to the existing curved wall, painting the old, now graffitied, leaves and adding a lighted sign to display the community name.

Restoring and Expanding The Community Entrance Sign

the new community entrance sign for Windermere
The new look for Windermere’s entrance sign.

After several conversations about the concept, budget, and need, Aaron requested that this project would be the starting point for the Pinnacle team’s work with Windermere. Our designers started to put together proofs in order to bring the community’s vision to life in concept drawings for approval.

Once we moved through the initial proofing phase, we began the process of permitting with the Forsyth County Government. As soon as we had the permit in hand, we began pouring a new footer for the new wall.

Next, we painted the existing metal leaves a nice Ebony Brown to give them new life. We then finished the stone structure. 

Once everything else was complete, it was time to “put the icing on the cake” by installing the brand-new LED push-through cabinet displaying the community name. 

The final step was to remove the old metal sign and completely clean up the area.  We needed to make sure that we left the community entrance free of any kind of trash or removed landscape material.

Once the work was complete, it was like looking at an entirely new sign – from lighting to signage to stonework.

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